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How to design the interior in the Gothic style

How to design the interior in the Gothic style

When it comes to the Gothic style, in the head immediately come multicolored stained-glass windows, pointed and aspiring up form, a combination of stone and wooden elements.

Mystical and slightly pompous style of the Middle Ages - the perfect option for those who want to turn the house into a Gothic castle.

Making the walls and ceiling

Centre Gothic interior is the fireplace. To make the wall in which it is located, you can use materials that mimic natural stone. Artificial stone can be used for finishing of window openings and door jambs. The perfect complement to the stone becomes a tree. It can be a variety of species - from oak and pine to the European larch and cedar. The ceiling in the Gothic style can be wood or stone. If the height allows, you can create the illusion of a set. Commonly used design of open rafters and beams.

Furniture in the Gothic style

Gothic style of the furniture provides achiselled legs, carving, velvet finish. Preference should be given a high piece of furniture that seemed to stretch up. This applies to the cabinet, and the backs of chairs or beds. Be sure to find a place in the interior of the chest, covered with leather and decorated with rich fittings of iron or bronze.

The decor in the style of Gothic

A win-win option in the rooms decorGothic stained glass windows - multicolored and bright, like arches. Without them it is impossible to Castle - ancient or modern. Since smokers do not always have huge windows, stained glass can be placed on the wall, expanding its internal illumination. Often in the Gothic interior you can find mosaics, paintings, sculptures, glass and ceramics.

For the interior has not turned out too dark, notbe sure to arrange it according to the rules, you can take only the most interesting details, typical of the Gothic style - this will help make the interior a mysterious and mystical, but not too gloomy and oppressive.

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