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How to decorate the interior in the Gothic style


How to decorate the interior in the Gothic style </a>

When it comes to gothic, colorful stained-glass windows, pointed and upwardly-directed shapes, a combination of stone and wooden elements, immediately come to mind.

Mystical and slightly pompous style of the Middle Ages is an ideal option for those who want to turn a house into a Gothic castle.

Decoration of walls and ceiling

The center of the Gothic interior is a fireplace. To decorate the wall at which it is located, you can use materials that mimic a natural stone. Artificial stone can also be used for finishing window openings and door jambs. A beautiful addition to the stone will be a tree. It can be of all kinds - from oak and pine to European cedar and larch. The ceiling in the Gothic style can be wooden or stone. If height allows, you can create the illusion of the vault. Often used structures from open rafters and beams.

Gothic furniture

Gothic style provides furniture withChiseled legs, carving, velvet finish. Preference should be given to high furniture items, which seem to stretch upward. This applies to cabinets, and backs of armchairs or beds. It is necessary to find in the interior a place for a chest, covered with leather and decorated with rich accessories made of iron or bronze.

Decor in the style of Gothic

A win-win option for interior decoration inGothic style are stained glass windows - multicolored and bright, similar to arched arches. Without them it is impossible to imagine a castle - ancient or modern. Since the rooms do not always have huge windows, the stained-glass window can be placed on the wall, supplemented with internal illumination. Often in the Gothic interiors you can find a mosaic, paintings, sculptures, glassware and ceramics.

To make the interior not too gloomy, do notIt is necessary to make it in accordance with all the rules, you can take only the most interesting details, typical for the Gothic style - this will help make the interior mysterious and mystical, but not too glum and oppressive.

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