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Design of a small kitchen


How to make sure that in a small kitchenFit everything you need and at the same time it was cozy? In many apartments the kitchen has an area of ​​only a few meters. But here we spend a lot of time. And we prepare and communicate. Therefore, I very much want to combine functional and pleasant design in this room.

Design of a small kitchen

Each hostess decides what should be herKitchen visually to please the eye. But with ways to translate zadumok harder. It is important to know some of the nuances in order to optimally use the entire kitchen space.

From the right choice of wall colors, from lighting andFrom what kind of furniture you choose, it will depend on how comfortable the hostess, household and guests in your kitchen will be. Having resorted to small tricks of kitchen design, you can forget about crowdedness.


  • Give preference to light tones. Wallpaper, floor and tiles of light shades visually expand the space.
  • When choosing a wallpaper design, pay attention to small patterns, avoiding large ones.
  • Well, if the lighting in the kitchen can beRegulate by zone and intensity. During cooking, you need a bright light, but with a tea and romantic dinner will be more appropriate muffled light.
  • Choosing a kitchen set, take care of that,So that not a single site is wasted. Equip the kitchen only with those closets that you will use. For example, there are cabinets specially for wine bottles, but not all use them.
  • Rationally use the space of walls. Shelves, hooks and pendant lockers will allow to place the kitchen utensils correctly.
  • If the design of the cuisine is dominated by laconicColors, such as white and black, then diversify the environment, using dishes of different colors. Your kitchen should please you. Without a good mood, it's rare for someone to cook deliciously.
  • If you have a large family and can not do without a roomy refrigerator, choose a place for it in another room.
  • A good option for a small kitchen is a bar counter with two chairs. This option is suitable for a couple without children. When guests come, the table can be covered in the living room.
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