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Kitchen design in the style of Provence

Kitchen in the style of Provence distinctive comfort

From the kitchen in the style of Provence and breathes comfort, warmth.

In this place I want to gather the whole family at the beautifully set table, spend long evenings talking and fragrant pastries.

New kitchen in a style simple enough, because it all depends not on your financial capabilities, but rather on taste and imagination.

Set in the style of Provence

The unique style of Provence is that youYou can create it in the kitchen with almost any budget. Of course, the basis of kitchen furniture defines the style. This can be an expensive set of natural wood, which will last for decades and can be and grandmother's old wardrobes, skilfully restored and decorated with you in person. In any case, kitchen in the style of Provence has to look a bit outdated, pastoral, but stout and beautiful.

Kitchen furniture you can artificially wear out or put it through a stencil drawings: these manipulations have to help to make a few important steps to Provence style.

The color scheme of the kitchen units can not tolerate bright or dark tones. Prefer warm pastel tones.

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Repair of kitchen

To create an interior in the style of Provence,discard the current trends in the repair of the premises. Trendy floor coverings, ceilings, spotlights - all this has no place in this style. The ideal solution during repair: wallpaper with a distinctive floral pattern, floor, imitating wooden or stone floor, bright matte ceiling falshbalki.

Lighting should also be thought outvery well because of this common kitchen atmosphere depends. For the style of Provence is characterized by complex textural chandeliers, which hung on the center of the ceiling. A working area of ​​kitchen units can be illuminated by small lamps made in the same vein.

In contrast to the style of country music with its richpaints, for the style of Provence is characterized by monochrome, soft powdery shades. Finishing and headsets are the kind of background, on which you will set interesting accents.

Accessories: The key to Provence style

First of all, forget about minimalism. Provence style is replete with all sorts of details, and this is where you can most fully unleash your creativity.

Modern appliances out of tune with the style of Provence, therefore please think over the place you will clean it.

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Fantasy tablecloths and jars of jamspices, placed on wooden shelves, copper bowls, bottles of oil with a picture hanging bundles of onions and garlic - the number of accessories, recreating the style of the famous French region, inexhaustible.

All kitchen utensils in the style of Provence is quiteeasy to buy, but much nicer and more interesting to do at least a few things with their hands. Learn basic design in the art decoupage, sign plates, make embroidery on a napkin as a bouquet of lavender or cockerel. So you fill your kitchen a lot of unique things that make this place even more individual and colorful.

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