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Kitchen design with a pencil case


Now increasingly began to apply the design of the kitchen withA pencil case in modern apartments. This version of the narrow cabinet became a fashionable trend in the design of a small kitchen space. The main purpose of such furniture is to simplify the use of daily food and items.

Kitchen design with a pencil case

Cabinet-pencil - a classic of the kitchen style. This kind of furniture will be appropriate to look like in traditional cuisine, and on the modern.

Advantages of kitchen cabinets for kitchens

Such furniture is ergonomic and functional. The cabinet-column occupies the minimum amount of space in the room, while it contains many kitchen utensils, loose products and other small things, which are usually used everyday in the kitchen.

The use of a pencil case in the kitchen is important for small apartments, as well as atypical premises, where every centimeter of space is highly valued.

An important advantage of the cabinet-pencil case isIn that it can be made of any kind, of any desired size. The width and height of such a cabinet is adjustable, determined by the customer. If you want to combine a pencil case with hanging cabinets, then the height of the column will be limited by the level of the suspended elements. Usually kitchen columns are created with such depth to remain level with the next cabinets.

Varieties of cabinets-pencil cases

Separately it is necessary to allocate a column-pencil case for the kitchen -It is used to accommodate various built-in household appliances. There are well mounted and microwave oven, and oven, and coffee machine. This variant of the arrangement will ensure the comfort of operation of the equipment - it can be placed at any level.

In modern kitchens, the refrigerator is often built-in, its invisibility is ensured by a very high cabinet-pencil case with a door.

Often a pencil case is a part of the finished kitchen set. Still you can meet the option where there is a smooth transition of the table into the pencil case.

Custom cabinets are an expensive treat, but there areMeaning to order a pencil case, if you have a kitchen of extraordinary dimensions. Do not forget to include in the headset when ordering a retractable pencil case - this will save valuable space.

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