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Kitchen design without upper cabinets


Among a wide variety of kitchen setsIt is very difficult to choose the most suitable. If space is limited, the task immediately becomes more complicated at times. To solve this problem, it is necessary to pay attention to the design of the kitchen without the upper cabinets.

Kitchen design without upper cabinets

Kitchen design without closets most oftenChoose for a narrow and small room, where you want to maximize the space, without cluttering it. And also for original kitchens in the style of minimalism (most often, if the center is supposed to have a kitchen island).

At first glance, the kitchen interior without the upper lockers may seem dysfunctional, boring. But the practice has proved that such projects, with proper implementation, are presentable and convenient.

This design of the kitchen can assume a different layout. For example, a kitchen can occupy:

  • Only part of the wall-
  • One wall entirely
  • Two walls in part - corner kitchen without upper cabinets-
  • Island in the center of the room.

Advantages of kitchens without upper cabinets

  1. Expansion of space. Thanks to the free top, the room looks more visually.
  2. Functionality. A huge number of lower cabinets extends the countertop, therefore, increases the useful working area. In addition, to care for the cleanliness of this kitchen does not need to stand on stools and ladders.
  3. Affordable price. One-tier model will be more profitable than a kitchen with the presence of lockers at the top.
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