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DESIGN bedrooms


Design bedrooms</a>

What determines the ideal dream?

The first factors that come to mind are clean bed linens, a good mattress, lack of sounds and darkness. It would seem that everything.

But if you decided to repair your bedroom, then you still need to pay special attention to the design of its interior.

Arrange the perfect bedroom will help the following tips.

The bedroom should be arranged in a room thatThe least of all others are illuminated by daylight. Morning sleep will only break the bright sun. If your apartment is located on the lower floors, it is better to take a room under the bedroom, the windows of which are obscured by branches of courtyard trees.

In the bedroom there should be no technique, for example,A large plasma TV with speakers or a computer. After all, the bedroom is a place to sleep, which should be used for the intended purpose. Therefore, it is better to place the technological benefits of civilization in other rooms, and make the bedroom a zone free from progress.

Picking up the color range of the bedroom interior,Choose your choice of pastel colors, for example, light lilac or light beige. Calm shades contribute to relaxation, and bright colors excite the nervous system. To your bedroom design did not come out too boring, you can make the main palette, but add elements of rich colors to it. But do not overdo it. Such elements, for example, can be a bright puff and aroma-lamp.

To design the bedroom was stylish,Repeat at least once materials and shapes. If the bed has forged parts, buy similar accessories for chest handles. And if there is a rounded object in the room, for example, a pouf, it is better to duplicate this form by selecting a round mirror or wallpaper with a circular ornament.

The bed is better positioned so thatShe did not stand in front of the door or the window. If space allows, do not put a double bed close to the wall: there must be a passage on either side of it.

Do not save on the bed. Choose a case with a box on some lifting mechanism, not with a void under it. After all, the undercover box is a spacious place for storing things, and the body with emptiness does not allow rational use of space and collects dust. To a double bed with a box on the mechanism, get a quality orthopedic mattress. This all requires significant investment of capital, but it's worth it.

If the bedroom is not very large, then itsSpace can be visually increased with the help of a large mirror built into the door of the closet. By the way, to use the space inside the cabinet to the maximum, divide it in half: allocate half for underwear and clothes stored in boxes and on shelves, the second - for clothes hanging on shoulders.

To make the interior of the bedroom complete,Be sure to provide a bedside lamp and a lamp for the dressing table. These elements, as well as the ceiling chandelier, must necessarily fit into the overall design of the bedroom.

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