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DESIGN Bedroom

Design Bedroom

Bedroom - the main part of the dwelling.

It was in the bedroom a person spends most of the time - not less than eight hours a day.

Few are satisfied with the work area, but the recreation area in the room - special attention.

The design of the bedroom should be considered:

  • plan rooms-
  • lighting, color oformlenie-
  • alignment of furniture-
  • accessories.

The main thing in the bedroom - the bed. Location bed becomes increasingly important when planning room. For a good, sound sleep headboard nice move up close to the wall. To create a pleasant environment and comfort, you can use the canopy.

Using a night-light sconces and give comfort. It is advisable to create semi-darkness in the room, using a soft, faint light.

Beautiful decor will serve as a good curtain,able to dissipate the deep light and muffle light contrasts. Bedspread pick in tone nice curtains: it is beautiful and decorate the bed, and the room in general.

The combination of fabrics, non-uniform in shape,content, texture, with a variety of patterns, give some originality. Colors warm and neutral colors is perfect for sleeping. Soft, pale colors will help relieve tension and relax.

The sleeping area should relax and give a feeling of coziness and comfort. To create favorable conditions in the bedroom, you can sleep well and recharge your batteries for the day.

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