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DESIGN and suspended ceiling


Stretch ceiling is a long time.

So you need to choose the ceiling, which will perfectly fit your interior and not get tired over time.

Getting repairs, even the most lowlyman thinks color combinations, and in his fantasies draws an image of the room. Suppose it does not look like the creation of the project with 3D visualization of fashionable interior designer. But at the level of sensations, we know there is room like a bright blooming garden, or rather, a dark cozy burrow. Fill it with air and light, and all priglushat soft colors and flowing draperies. And just a glimpse of the room there is in our imagination, all the materials are selected to match the chosen style.
Stretch ceiling has a great variety of textures and colors, and allows you to choose the appropriate type for each interior.
All well imagine white mattceiling. But the tension and then offered a choice. Fabric - does not reflect light, and can have both warm and cold with a bias in lilac color. PVC film slightly glare. Satin PVC film, stretching, becoming light pearlescent luster. Cloth and matte film ceiling organically completes a furnished room and allow the next update the wallpaper does not give much thought to their color. White satin suitable for rooms with more thoughtful design. In addition, on satin photo printing easy to apply. Romantic bedroom, gentle cozy children - these are the rooms where the ceiling satin, and not necessarily white, is very appropriate. Lacquered ceiling in these rooms will destroy the feeling of intimacy. But to help make the room higher, often a forced choice because of the low height of the room.
Glossy ceiling - quite an active elementinterior. why it is so good when used in rooms left minimalistic. It balances the interior scarcity and very organically looks inside plasterboard boxes. It does not harm the bold colors, but strictly in the tone of existing elements, or ceiling may be black. Another possible site installation of glossy ceiling - the ornate interiors "under the classic" combined with the wide moldings, luxurious drapes and crystal chandeliers.
Ceilings fancy textures. It is a pearl, marble, suede style. Such films are expensive. Perhaps because of this, they are used infrequently. But the effect is simply stunning. The only thing that matters - the width of a fragment of this material. It is better to make the web in one piece without seams to form, they look rough. Unusual good ceiling in the hallway, in the bathroom, as part of a multi-level structure. Especially careful use ceiling "under the sky". Your admiration for such a ceiling could be replaced by weariness from the monotonous story.
Choosing material for a tension ceiling, trustyour intuition. If looking at the catalog of films, you can not look away from the nonstandard colors - do not be afraid to use it. Perhaps the idea that your ceiling can only be white, is already out of date.

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