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Design and Function Generator principle

Design and Function Generator principle

Car generator is used to convert the mechanical energy of motion, or rather, the crankshaft rotational energy into electrical energy.

He makes the battery is charged and paired with it feeds electricity to all the electrical devices of the machine.

Motorists should be aware of the structure of the heartthe electrical system of the car - the generator. After all, it was he, just like the heart in the body of a living being, organizes blood circulation, "chasing" the electricity through the circuit of the vehicle, "pumping" electric charge of the battery, where voltage is applied to all power consumers in the car.

generator device

The generator design includesfixed core - the stator, which is a permanent magnet, and the rotor - the moving part, is equipped with a wire-wrapped, the ends of which is in rotation around the stator voltage appears. On modern cars set three-phase generators, where established in different parts of the winding electromotive force by means of a three-phase diode rectifier is converted into direct current, which is fed to the battery terminals.

Periodically check the voltage at thethe output of the generator and the battery terminals. On the passenger car generator output voltage must be 13-14 V, on the terminals of the charged battery - a little more than 12.

The principle of action of the generator

The operating principle of the generator is based on the phenomenonelectromagnetic induction. It consists in causing the electric potential difference (voltage) at the ends of the wire windings of the generator the moving part (rotor) while rotating around a fixed "core" - the stator. Theoretically, the reverse impact - energizing the winding ends - will be rotation of the rotor, ie, electromagnetic induction principle is valid in both directions.
"Collection" of electric current to the windings producedusing the brush-commutator assembly which includes a manifold (pins located on the movable part of the generator) and the brushes that slide on the collector, but being out of it, the electrical voltage is removed from pins.

You can not swap the battery terminals when connecting! When the polarity of "burning" laser diodes, and then it may not be repaired.

When driving you must watch out forvoltage generator output. When the voltage drops below a critical level in the dashboard of a car, as a rule, comes on the battery icon. Pay attention to your car and get away from the only pleasure!

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