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How to design a house

How to design a house

Many people who want to build a house, already know how it should look, but find the finished project, which would be similar to the home of their dreams, it is difficult.

To design your own house, you need a clear plan for the whole process works and take into account many factors.

Consult with a professional architect

The best way to design a plan for your futurehome - enlist the support of the architect, but it can be used to develop the most successful and cost-effective plan. The architect will help you to realize your design on paper ideas, and also to avoid errors that can be admitted in the design process.

The rough floor plan

Sketch a rough outline of your future home,This will help you get an idea of ​​how it will look in your home eventually. For example, note that the house will have three bedrooms, two bathrooms, large living room, kitchen and children's room. Spread the room scheme, for example, with two bedrooms with adjacent bathroom on the right side will be in the house bathroom, and on the left of the entrance hall - the third bedroom and one bathroom, hall itself at the same time will lead to the living room. To simplify the process of arrangement of rooms on the plan, cut from sheets of colored paper shaped rooms, and then arrange them in relation to each other, until you get the best fit. Take your time, think through in advance the placement of furniture in the room, consider that there is sufficient free space.

Exact floor plan

To build the floor plan, you canuse special software for architects. This program allows you to create an accurate chart with the location of the house rooms, walls, doors, windows, openings, etc. The result is a professionally executed architectural plan. This phase of work is best carried out together with the architect, he will take into account the important design issues (eg, the structural integrity of the house, the location of the drainage system, the correct geometry of the roof and other important elements), without infringing the design thought up by you at home. Remember that mistakes at the stage of design studies, you are not worth anything, mistakes in the design phase will cost you time, because may require a complete redesign of the project. Professional help will allow you to prevent defects that would affect the construction phase, they will cost you unforeseen financial costs.
You can use 3D services, if desiredvisualizers. They can design a 3D model of the interior and exterior of your future home. So you can see in advance how the structure would look like as a finished product.

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