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Design of a children's room</a>

The children's room is the place where your baby will live and grow.

Therefore, a very important moment in creating a child's interior is comfort and safety.

At the same time, the room should be lively and interesting, which is achieved due to bright colors and unusual interior solutions.

Thinking over the details of the interior, it is worth considering the sex and age of the child. A great solution is to give the choice of colors and themes to the child himself, giving him only small tips.
Child psychologists strongly do not recommendTo use in an interior of a children's room of color or elements which are not pleasant to the child. If he grows up in a room that he does not like, the baby may in the future receive mental abnormalities or problems with the character.

The most popular subjects for boys are cars and airplanes, the heroes of a favorite cartoon - sports and travel, superheroes.
In girls' rooms more often there are heroes of fairy tales, princesses, flowers and fauna.
Here are a few interesting ideas that can be used in the children's room.

A true artist
The situation when a child creates on the wallpaper masterpiecesPainting, has already become a legend in several generations. In order to save the wallpaper and do not limit the child in creative implementation, turn one of the walls of the room into a large easel. After painting the wall in white, place large sheets of paper on it. When the paper is finished, the layer can be replaced. As they say, both wolves are full, and the sheep are safe.

The second life of old things
In the child's room there should be no old scaryTables or cabinets. To update an old piece of furniture it is possible by means of repainting or technique of decoupage. In the choice of subjects it will be best to ask the wishes of the baby, because he will use the new thing.
Decorate such carry as cabinets or tables will helpvinyl stickers. They are attached to a soft glue, which leaves no traces. This will allow you to periodically change the subject of stickers or the entire interior in principle.

Instead of cabinets - pockets
To diversify the interior and make itMore interesting, replace the usual boring closets on wall carpets with pockets. On such carpets soft toys can be sewn: elks, bears, dogs with pockets on clothes. Such an interesting move will help you to accustom your child to order. Let the child learn to give his socks for storage to Sharik before bed, and the T-shirt to Misha.

Captain's cabin
Preschool children are very fond of adventureAnd pirates. Turn the room into the captain's cabin. Let symmetrically with a bed on the opposite side a hammock for rest, a table of treasures should hang, and in the bookcase with books there should be a globe, binoculars and a saber

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