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Design a child's room

Design a child's room

Children's room - a place where to live and grow your baby.

It is therefore very important point in creating the interior is the children's comfort and safety.

This room should be lively and interesting, which is achieved due to the bright colors and unusual interior solutions.

Thinking interior, should take into account the sex and age of the child. The perfect solution would be to provide a choice of colors and themes to the child, giving him a small tip.
Child psychologists strongly recommendused in the interior nursery room colors or elements that do not like a child. If he will continue to grow in this room, which he did not like the kid may in the future receive mental disabilities or the nature of the problem.

The most popular categories for boys are cars and airplanes, characters multika- favorite sport and travel, superheroes.
The girly rooms heroes of fairy tales are more common, princess, flowers and wildlife.
Here are some interesting ideas that can be used in the children's room.

This artist
The situation when a child creates masterpieces on the wallpaperpainting, has become a legend for generations. To save the wallpaper and do not restrict the child in the creative realization, turn one of the walls of the room in a large easel. Painting a wall in white color, place it on large sheets of paper. When on Whatman paper over the place, the layer can be replaced. As the saying goes, and the wolves are fed and the sheep are safe.

The second life of old things
In a child's room should not be a scary oldtables or cabinets. Update an old piece of furniture can be repainted or using decoupage techniques. The choice of subjects would be best to ask the wishes of the child, in fact, he will be in new clothes.
Decorate take me such as cabinets or tables helpvinyl stickers. They are mounted on a soft adhesive that leaves no residue. This will periodically change themes or labels of the interior in general.

Instead of cabinets - pockets
To diversify the interior and make itinteresting, replace the usual boring cabinets to wall carpets with pockets. On these carpets can be sewn stuffed animals: moose, bear, dog clothes with pockets. This interesting move makes it easier to teach a child to order. Let the baby before sleep are accustomed to give their socks storage balls and t-shirt - Misha.

Captain's cabin
Preschool children are very fond of adventureand pirates. Turn your room into the captain's cabin. Let symmetrically with a bed on the opposite side will be located a hammock for relaxing, hanging over the table should treasure map, and in the closet with books must coexist globe, binoculars and saber

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