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How to design a bath


How to design a bath</a>

Do you want a builder on your site a small bath complex for members of your family and friends?

You can design the sauna project yourself without consulting the design and construction organizations, and the steam room you build will meet all modern requirements.



Thinking about how to design a sauna next toCountry house, first determine the size of the future design, taking into account the purposes for which the steam room is being built, and the composition of your family. The bathhouse should not be cramped so that several people can safely sit in it, but for a small company a bulky steam room will not do - you will have to spend a lot on its maintenance.


Realizing the design of the bath, first,First draw up a scheme, which includes a dressing room, a washroom and a steam room, taking into account the overall dimensions of the erected bath complex. If the sauna is closely adjacent to the house, and its total area will be small, combine the rest room with a dressing room, and from the separate shower room in the steam room at all refuse. Include in the project baths a spacious wooden terrace with exit from the waiting room or rest room, if the area of ​​a free site for the construction of a bath complex allows you to do this.


For a family bath it is enough to create a dressing roomSize 140 * 230 centimeters, in this area, place benches for sitting and a system of shelves, where the wood will be stored. Clean the washroom with the shower room, and when designing this zone of the bath complex, take into account the place where the water tanks and benches will be installed. Behind the washing room in the bathhouse project there must be a thermae, which is separated by a wall with a tightly closing door. Secondly, to develop a bath design, take into account not only the design of the walls and the layout of windows, but everything necessary for the normal functioning of the steam room.


On the layout of the steam room, specify the locationStove-heater so that the heat from it emanated evenly to all sides of the room. Think about how the system of shelves in the steam room will look, since they will subsequently be installed taking into account the ceiling height and the free area of ​​the steam room. The upper shelf in the draft pair design schematically at a height of not less than a meter from the ceiling of the bath complex, otherwise you or your guests can get sick.


When designing your family bathAttention pay attention to the location of the stove-heater, planning it at a considerable distance from the wooden wall, taking into account all standards of fire safety. After drawing up projects to build a wooden steam room, you can do it yourself, and for the laying of the stove-heater and the flue outlet, invite a professional stoker to ensure that neither condensate nor soot accumulate in the system afterwards.

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