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How to design a bath

How to design a bath

You want your site builder on a small bath complex for your family members and friends?

Properly design baths design, you can own, without resorting to the design and construction organizations, and being built you guys will meet all modern requirements.



Thinking, how to design a bath next to thecountry house, first determine the size of future construction, taking into account the purposes for which steam is raised, and the composition of your family. Steam should not be close to it quietly placed a few people, but for a small company bulky pair will not work - you'll have a lot to spend on its maintenance.


By designing the bath, firstly,First, make a circuit including the dressing room, washing and steam room, given the overall size of the bath complex erected. If the room is directly adjacent to the house, and its total area is small, combine the relaxation room with a waiting room, and separate from the shower room in the sauna in general refuse. Include bath project spacious wooden terrace with access from the waiting room or rest room if free land area for construction of the bath complex allows it.


For a family bath is enough to create a waiting roomsize 140 * 230 cm, position the bench seating and shelves system, where you will put the wood in the area. Pressure washer align with shower room, and the design of the zone bath complex take into account the place where will be installed water tanks and benches. For washing in the bath room design should be steam room, which is separated by a wall with a tight-fitting door. Second, to develop a project of a bath, consider not only the design of the walls and the location of the windows, and everything necessary for the proper functioning of the steam room.


In the doubles chart, specify the locationstove so that the heat from it proceeded uniformly in all directions of the room. To consider how the system will look like the shelves in the steam room, as they will then be installed taking into account the height of the ceiling and the free area of ​​the sauna. Top shelf in the project steam schematic view on a height of not less than a meter from the ceiling of the bath complex, or you or your guests can be poisoned by fumes.


When designing your special family bathsattention to pay attention to the placement of the stove while planning her at a considerable distance from the wooden wall, taking into account all the standards of fire safety. Once the project to build a wooden pair you can independently and for masonry stove and chimney invite output professional stove-maker, so that later on this system will not collect any condensation or soot.

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