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Depressive state, how to cope with it


A bad mood, melancholy and despondency are familiar to everyone. Sometimes they are seasonal in nature. Someone's unhappy days come in the deep fall, someone in the spring. Everyone knows the love of the famous Russian poet Alexander Pushkin for the autumn pore, but the poet suffered a bad spring. But if a bad mood does not pass, everything around is devoid of bright colors, there is no strength for anything, appetite disappears, insomnia comes, life seems meaningless and there are thoughts of falling asleep and not waking up, it's safe to say that you depression.



How to get rid of depression
Ways of treating this disease are many, the methodTreatment depends on the type of depression and its manifestations. In severe cases, you need to contact a specialist. With the initial signs of mental illness you can cope on their own.


What can not be done in any case - to tryGet rid of depression with alcohol. Even if at first it seems to you that your condition has improved. Drinking alcohol only aggravates the situation and sometimes serves as a trigger for suicides. If possible, change the situation. Communication with nature (walks through the forest, along the river bank) has excellent therapeutic effects for various mental ailments.


The most effective way to treatDepression is physical activity. You can choose to run, aerobics, swimming. The famous American physician Kenneth Cooper told the world the story of a man who, in a state of depression, decided to commit suicide. But he decided to do it in an original way - with the help of running. Daily jogging, at first small, gradually increasing, will help you to bring back the joy of life. You just have to make an effort on your own, get up and run. If running for some reason does not suit you, go to the pool. Water in itself is a good way to get rid of negative thoughts. And in combination with moderate physical loads when swimming or practicing aqua aerobics is an excellent remedy for depression.
Quickly, as if waving a magic wand, you can not get out of the depressive state, but do it step by step every day - and it will all turn out

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