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How to deposit on webmoney

How to add funds to webmoney

Webmoney - a popular online payment system.

You can use it to carry out a huge amount of payments to the network? it is supported by most modern Russian services.

Add an e-wallet in several ways.



To replenish the ruble account Webmoney you canuse almost any payment terminal, as well as some ATMs. To this end payment device menu, find the item that is associated with the completion of electronic purses. It can be called "electronic wallets", "Payment Systems" and "Electronic payments" depending on the type of operating system. In the resulting list, select the item Webmoney. If not, the terminal does not work with the e-wallet and you have to use a different device.


In the window that appears, enter the number of your ruble account, which is written in your Webmoney Keeper personal account. Also enter your telephone number when the terminal request.


Dispense the necessary amount of cash in the bill acceptor device. Confirm remittance and take a check on the conduct of the transaction.


To find items to receive cashadmission to Webmoney, go to "Deposit" the official website of the electronic wallet, and select the city you are interested in. The display addresses of the official points will be displayed, where you can top up your balance using cash or by the terminal.


You can transfer money to your account Webmoneyby using a bank card. To do this, go to the website online banking your bank and select the appropriate menu option and then enter the desired amount for the transfer. For example, the site online Sberbank Webmoney purse replenishment is carried out by means of the item "Payments and transfers" - "Electronic Money" - Webmoney. Similar items have Alfa Bank and VTB systems.

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