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How to replenish your MTS account with a bank card


How to replenish your MTS account with a bank card</a>

With the development of modern technologies, cellular subscribers increasingly face the question of how to replenish the MTS account with a bank card.

You can do it both on the official website of the company, and with the help of other services.



Make sure that you have availableA valid bank card VISA or MasterCard before proceeding to replenish the MTS account. Go to the link of the payment from the card on the company's website: http://pay.mts.ru/webportal/payments/2770. Enter your phone number in the top field. In this case, it is possible to pay not only one, but several phone numbers, selecting the appropriate item. Write down the amount in rubles that you want to put on the account, and also choose the type of your card for payment. Remember that the minimum payment is 100 rubles. Click "Next".


Enter your billing information to refillMTS account with a bank card. Specify the card number, as well as the month and year of its validity. Latin characters, write your name and surname in specially designated fields. Enter the security code CVV2 / CVC2 (the last 3 digits on the back of your card). Please enter your country and a valid e-mail. Check that the entered data is correct and click "Pay". So you can replenish your MTS account with a bank card without commission.


Put money on the MTS account by usingBy any ATM that accepts a VISA or MasterCard card. Find the menu item that displays the list of available services for payment and choose "Recharge your mobile phone account". Next, you only need to enter the desired amount for payment and a security PIN.


Wait for the SMS notification afterAccount replenishment. Usually it comes in a few seconds or minutes after the operation. If this did not happen and the money was not received on your account, contact the nearest MTS office for clarification of the problem. If you make a payment through an ATM, be sure to collect the check.

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