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Deodorant with your hands from natural ingredients


Natural deodorant by hand</a>

Daily use of deodorants and antiperspirants for modern people has long been an important element of hygiene procedures.

However, manufacturers in the composition of deodorants often include harmful substances that can accumulate in tissue cells.

A safe alternative to these remedies is a deodorant, made with natural ingredients.

The advantages of home-made deodorants are obvious: They do not contain substances that block the work of sweat glands, they do not use components that cause allergies and malfunctions in the work of internal organs-such deodorants do not harm the environment.

A good home deodorant performs the sameFunctions as store products, but it consists of natural ingredients that play the role of absorbent, odor neutralizer, antibacterial components and perfume.

Making a solid deodorant for normal skin

As the basis of solid deodorant actsA mixture of 50 g of baking soda and the same amount of cornstarch. The resulting mixture is gently poured into 3 tbsp. Heated on a water bath of coconut oil.

For people with sensitive skin, it is recommended to reduce the amount of soda and increase the starch content in a proportion of 1: 3.

While the mixture is not frozen, it adds 10-12 drops of tea tree oil, famous for its antibacterial and antifungal properties.

If desired, the deodorant can be flavored with essential oil of lemon or any other ether harmoniously combined with the smell of tea tree oil.

The finished mixture is transferred to an empty container from the old deodorant and left until completely congealed. It is recommended to store the deodorant in a refrigerator or any other cool place.

In the absence of an empty container, the mixture can be rolled into a tight ball or given to it in a cubic form.

Natural deodorant

Hard deodorant for problem and very sensitive skin

This deodorant not only fulfills its direct function well, but also helps to eliminate inflammation on the skin, healing of small cuts after shaving underarms.

To make a deodorant mix dessertA spoonful of cornstarch with two teaspoons of soda. In a water bath, 20 g of beeswax, 15 g of coconut oil, 15 g of cedar oil and 10 g of shea butter are melted.

Warm oils are poured into a dry mixture and carefullyIs stirred until a homogeneous mixture is obtained. After the mixture has cooled slightly, it is flavored with 10-15 drops of palmarose or rosemary essential oil.

In order for the deodorant to effectively soften and soothe the irritated skin, giving it smoothness and silky, it is recommended to add 8 g of stearic acid to the mixture.

This component refers to the fatty phase of the product, so add it to the total mixture during the heating of the oils.

The finished deodorant is placed in an empty container and left in a cool place until completely solidified.

Deodorant for sensitive skin

Liquid natural deodorant

To prepare a jelly-like deodorant,Occurring in the industrial version in bottles with a roller, you will need a number of ingredients that can easily be found in shops for soap making and making handmade cosmetics.

The mandatory components include the following:

  • Aluminum alum - 5 g-
  • Distilled water 50 ml-
  • Glycerol 5 ml-
  • Thickener (lecithin, agar-agar, guar, xanthan) - 1 g.

Additional components:

  • Pink flower water or any other hydrolyte - 10 ml-
  • Extract or juice of aloe - 6 ml-
  • Essential oil with a favorite flavor - 15-20 drops-
  • Vitamin E (natural preservative) - 2 tsp.

Aluminum alum is filled with distilledWater and with stirring is heated in a water bath until the crystals are completely dissolved. Without removing the workpiece from the bath, it is added with a hydrolyte and a thickener, thoroughly mixed.

After the thickener has completely dissolved, all other components are added to the preform, introducing the essential oils last.

The prepared mass is mixed again, beaten with whisk and poured into an empty vial of industrial deodorant.

Liquid handmade deodorant

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