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DEODORANT with their hands from natural ingredients

Natural Deodorant with their hands

Daily use of deodorants and antiperspirants for the modern man has long been an important element of the hygiene procedures.

However, manufacturers in the deodorants often include harmful substances that can accumulate in the tissue cells.

Safe alternative to these funds is a deodorant prepared with his own hands from natural ingredients.

Benefits of home deodorants are obvious: they do not contain substances that block the sweat zhelez- they do not use ingredients that cause allergies and failures in the internal organov- these deodorants do not harm the environment.

Good homemade deodorant performs the samefunction as the store of the production, but it is composed of natural ingredients which act as absorbent, odor neutralizer, antibacterial ingredients and flavors.

Making solid deodorant for normal skin

As a basis of the solid deodorant actsa mixture of 50 g of baking soda and the same amount of corn starch. The resulting mixture was carefully poured into 3 tbsp pre-heated in a water bath of coconut oil.

For people with sensitive skin it is recommended to reduce the amount of sodium and increase the starch content in the ratio of 1: 3.

While the mixture is not frozen, it added 10-12 drops of tea tree oil, well-known for its antibacterial and antifungal properties.

If desired, a deodorant can be flavored with essential oil of lemon or any other ether, harmoniously combined with the smell of tea tree oil.

Ready mix shift into an empty container from the old deodorant and allowed to complete solidification. Deodorant should be stored in the refrigerator or any other cool place.

In the absence of the empty container, the mixture can be rolled up into a tight ball and give it a cubic shape.

natural deodorant

Deodorant Stick for problematic and very sensitive skin

This deodorant is not only well fulfills its intended purpose, but also helps to eliminate skin inflammation, healing of minor cuts after shaving armpits.

For the preparation of deodorant mixed dessertcornstarch with two teaspoons of baking soda. Melt in a water bath of 20 g of beeswax, 15 g of coconut oil, cedar oil, 15 g and 10 g of shea butter.

Warm oil is poured onto the dry mixture and thoroughlystirred until a uniform mixture. After the mixture has cooled slightly, it is flavored with the help of 10-15 drops of essential oil of rosemary and palmarosa.

To deodorant effectively softens and soothes irritated skin, leaving it smooth and silky, it is recommended to add in a mixture of 8 g of stearic acid.

This component refers to the fat phase of the product, so it is added to the overall mix on stage warming oils.

Ready deodorant is placed in the empty container and allowed to cool until complete solidification.

deodorant for sensitive skin

Liquid natural deodorant

To prepare jelly deodorantoccurring in an industrial version in bottles with a roller, you will need a number of ingredients that can be easily found in stores for soap making and the preparation of handmade cosmetics.

The required components include the following:

  • Alum - 5 r
  • distilled water - 50 ml-
  • Glycerin - 5 ml-
  • thickener (lecithin, agar-agar, guar, xanthan) - 1 g

Additional components:

  • Rose floral water or any other Hydrolat - 10 ml-
  • extract or aloe juice - 6 ml-
  • essential oil with your favorite fragrance - 15-20 droplets
  • vitamin E (a natural preservative) - 2 tsp

Alum is filled with distilledwater and heated with stirring in a water bath to completely dissolve the crystals. Without removing the workpiece from the bath, it is added and Hydrolat thickener thoroughly.

After complete dissolution of the thickener is added in all the other preform components, essential oils introducing last.

Prepare the masses once again stirred, whipped whisk and pour into an empty bottle of deodorant commercial.

liquid deodorant handmade

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