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How to demolish interior walls in the apartment

How to demolish interior walls in the apartment

Disposition of apartments in old houses are often not satisfied with those who live in them, it does not always meet the requirements of rational organization of living space.

But how would you not want to remake the apartment, any alterations, especially when it comes to the walls, you must first agree.

This is due to security concerns, because if you will carry the bearing wall, it is fraught with destruction in other apartments.

You will need

  • - A special sponge to wet the walls vodoy-
  • - Buckets for water and building musora-
  • - Large pieces of tissue-wet
  • - Rags and old clothes to protect the floor Coatings
  • - pila-
  • - a hammer-
  • - kuvalda-
  • - doloto-
  • - Adhesive tape.



When all the necessary approvals and permitsreceived, you can start the dismantling of interior partitions in the apartment. If there is a door in the wall, first remove the door trim. To make it easier doorframe dismantle Saw it slightly obliquely into two parts, then it will be possible to pull out easily.


In that case, when there are demountable wallswitch, you must determine the location of wiring. Disconnect the wiring. Sderite wall coverings, remove the switch, see how things are wire Wrap the ends with insulating tape.


Well moisten the surface of the walls on two sideswater, it can be done several times, using a large piece of foam rubber or a special sponge. This is necessary to reduce the amount of cement dust. To the same end adjacent rooms can hang on the perimeter with a cloth dampened with water paintings. To protect the floor from falling pieces of plaster and brick, use rags and old clothes, sketched it on the floor.


First punch a layer of plaster and putty,closing the channel with electrical cords. Remove the wiring. Look at the wall and if there is, saw out all the pieces of wood fittings, which are commonly used in thin brick masonry walls. Clean the top of the tow gap walls, which leave to compensate for shrinkage of the buildings.


When dismantling is convenient to use a chisel,directing the tip at an angle between the block or brick and mortar. If the brick partition, delete them to be one, removing the row by row. In that case, when the masonry was used drywall or concrete blocks, you can use the grinder and easily saw out the wall fragments.


After complete remodeling,you need to write a statement in housing inspection, which employees come to you with a check, to draw up a statement of redevelopment. With this act you should go to the BTI, pay a fee to the data sheet for an apartment was modified accordingly. After BTI staff will visit you and make the appropriate measurements to make them into a new passport, it will be given you in his arms as the official confirmation of the legitimacy to make alterations.

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