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How to demolish an interior wall in an apartment


How to demolish an interior wall in an apartment</a>

The layout of apartments in old houses often does not suit those who live in them, it does not always meet the requirements of rational organization of living space.

But no matter how you want to remake your apartment, any redevelopment, especially when it comes to walls, must first be coordinated.

This is due to security considerations, because if you carry a load-bearing wall, it is fraught with destruction in other apartments.

You will need

  • - special sponge for wetting the wall with water-
  • - buckets for water and construction debris-
  • - large pieces of wet cloth-
  • - rags and old clothes to protect the flooring-
  • - saw-
  • - a hammer-
  • - Sledgehammer-
  • - chisel-
  • - Insulating tape.



When all necessary approvals and permitsReceived, you can proceed to dismantle the interior partitions in the apartment. If there is a door in the wall, first remove the door trim. To make the door frame easier to dismantle, cut it slightly obliquely into two parts, after which it can be pulled out without difficulty.


In the event that on the wall being dismantled, there isSwitch, you need to determine the location of the wiring. Disconnect the electrical wiring. Scratch the wall coverings, remove the switch, see how the wires go, wrap their ends with an insulating tape.


Wet the surface of the wall well on both sidesWater, do this several times, using a large piece of foam rubber or a special sponge. This is necessary to reduce the amount of cement dust. For the same purpose, adjacent rooms can be hung around the perimeter with cloths, moistened with water. To protect the floor covering from falling pieces of plaster and brick, use rags and old clothes, sketching it on the floor.


First, puncture the layer of plaster and putty,Close the channel with electric cords. Remove the wiring. Examine the wall and, if there is, cut out all the pieces of wood reinforcement that are commonly used when laying thin brick walls. Clear from the pakli gap at the top of the wall, which is left to compensate for shrinkage of buildings.


When dismantling it is convenient to use a chisel,Directing its end under a slope between the block or bricks and mortar. If the partition is brick, remove them one at a time, removing the row by row. In the case when gypsum board or foam blocks were used for masonry, you can use the Bulgarian and simply cut the wall with fragments.


After the redevelopment is completed,It is necessary to write an application to the housing inspection, whose employees will come to you with a check to draw up an act of redevelopment. With this act, you must appear at the BTI paying a duty to make the appropriate changes to the technical passport for the apartment. After BTI employees visit you and take the appropriate measurements to make them into a new passport, it will be issued to you as an official confirmation of the legitimacy of the redevelopment.

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