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How to deliver cars from Germany

How to deliver cars from Germany

German cars are among the best in thethe world, and the conditions of their operation in Germany - close to perfect. It is not surprising that the majority who want to buy a used car tends to buy it in this country.

One of the important stages of the purchase of a car delivery from the place of fulfillment of purchase to the place of its future operation.



One of the most common ways previously -svoimhodom haul vehicle. It is the most expensive way to deliver cars as in samostoyatelnomvypolnenii, and when you order this peregonschika services. This naemnyyperegonschik throughout the 2,500 km path does not care about the car, squeezing predelnuyuskorost. In recent years, the stretch on the territory of Poland nezaezzhayut cars, crossing at the ferry.


The cost of this type of delivery is made up ofthe cost of transit rates, insurance, export clearance. In addition, this includes fuel costs, tolls when crossing the border, in the power path. Hired Drover take escheoplatu for the service, and money for a return ticket. Total comes to 2000 euros.


Delivery of the car ferry cheaper processabout 25%. Raskhodysostoyat of the ticket to Germany, ferry tickets, food and way of Pitera.Slozhnost of this process is the passage of the St. Petersburg Customs (bolshoypotok wishing to travel to Finland and back there) and the stretch from St. Petersburg.


Run, get the car, compare with delivery under its own power. In addition, the road from the northern capital does not possess the quality and the likelihood of stones polucheniyapovrezhdeny high.


Delivery via transporter is highly dependent onTheir timetable. Srokdostavki significantly increased because of the need to wait until all avtovozsoberet ordered for delivery vehicles throughout Germany. Unless of course, the firm-seller in advance of the decision not to take care of the problem in advance.


A positive aspect is the lack ofqueues for transporters priprohozhdenii border and insurance of all vehicles delivered. Dostavkisilno cost depends on the workload of the carrier, the number of cars ordered odnimklientom and time of year. Cars are delivered in containers trailers equipped with special nets.

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