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Delicious and simple recipes: chicken with potatoes


Baked chicken - a very nutritious and simple dish, the preparation of which will not take much time. You can even bake a chicken with potatoes at once, then you do not have to waste your energy on garnish.

Delicious and simple recipes: chicken with potatoes

Bake with potatoes can be any part of the chicken: Thighs, wings, ham, quarters, breast and even whole birds. Some housewives pre-marinate chicken meat in some tasty mixture, but when there is absolutely no time, and guests or household members are on the way, one should turn to the simplest recipe.

To cook chicken with potato tubersUnder mayonnaise, you will need: 1 kg of chicken meat (any parts of a bird or whole carcass) - 1 kg of potatoes - 0.2 kg of onion - 4 garlic cloves - mayonnaise, salt and pepper. The chicken should be rinsed, dried and cut into portions, if the dish is prepared from a whole carcass. It is necessary to mix salt and pepper, crushed garlic and carefully rub them with a bird.

Onions are cut into half rings, and potatoes -Thin slices. In the baking dish, you first need to lay out the chicken, pour onion on top, the last layer will be potatoes, which should be slightly salted and mayonnaise.

Prepare the dish for an hour at a temperature of 180 degrees. Before serving, yummy can be sprinkled with fresh herbs. And if there is time, it is worth preparing a light salad of fresh vegetables.

You can surprise guests and cook chicken,Stuffed with potatoes. It turns out a spectacular, satisfying and incredibly tasty dish. The most simple products will be needed: a chicken carcass weighing 1.5 kg - 0.6 kg of potatoes - 4 tbsp. Ketchup - 4 tablespoons. Mayonnaise-3 cloves of garlic-salt and pepper. Potatoes must first be boiled until half cooked, as it is baked usually slower than chicken and there is a chance of getting a cheese stuffing. Then you need to cut the tubers into cubes, add salt, add black pepper and favorite spices, for example basil.

Chicken carcass rinse and dry with a paperTowel, then fill it with potatoes with spices. That the filling does not fall out, it is necessary to sew a chicken. To do this, fit any thread. And before serving the dishes on the table, they must be removed. In this case, the filling will drop a little on the dish, it can be beautifully decorated with fresh parsley.

For sauce, you need to crush garlic and mixIt with mayonnaise, ketchup. The resulting mixture must be coated with a chicken carcass and put it in a sleeve for baking. The oven should be warmed up to 180 degrees and place the dish there for 1.5 hours.

You can prepare this dish in the sleeve with anotherInterpretation. The whole carcass should be rubbed with a mixture of oil, red pepper and garlic and leave to marinate for 20 minutes. At this time, it is necessary to cut the potatoes into large pieces, salt and mix them with mayonnaise and crushed garlic.

In this case, the chicken is placed in the sleeve, andPotatoes should be just laid out next. The cooking time and oven temperature are similar to the past recipe. Vegetable salad, marinated mushrooms or onions will be a pleasant addition to the chicken.

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