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How to delete multiple operating systems

How to delete multiple operating systems

Sometimes there are cases where a single computer with multiple operating systems installed.

You can install a second inexperience operating system without first removing in some cases. There are also situations where one hard disk installed just three operating systems.

If you are on a large enough operating system, then you can get rid of the unnecessary.

You will need

  • - A computer-
  • - Bootable disk of Windows.



The easiest and most reliable way to get rid ofunnecessary operating systems - is in the process of installing a new operating system to format the partition or partitions, which were installed operating systems. But before you start the process, you need to save all important data. It all depends on the specific situation. Very often, all operating systems are installed on a hard disk partition. Then, data loss will be minimal. But if the operating systems are scattered in different sections, although this does not happen often, you can lose a significant part of the information.


If you plan to put after removalThe Windows 7 operating system, you will need to follow these steps. Insert a bootable disk with the OS in a computer drive. Reboot the PC. Immediately after it restarts, press the F8 or F5. So you get into the menu where you can choose to run the system. In this menu, select your drive and press Enter. Wait for the disc in the drive starts to spin, and click on the keyboard any key. Wait until you see the menu.


Now, in the menu, select "Settingsdisk ", and then - the hard disk partition on which the operating system and format it. If they are installed on more than one disk, you will have to format the partitions. In this way, unnecessary operating system will be destroyed. After formatting, select your system partition (by default) and set to the new operating system.


If you use a Windows boot diskXP, the procedure is different only view the menu, where you can format the partition. If Windows 7 can be done with the mouse, the situation with Windows XP, you need to select the partition and press the F key, and then select a file system and a method of formatting, such as "Quick Format".

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