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How to delete a contact from skype

How to delete a contact from skype

To see a person on the screen, not just the words printed in a hurry and decorated with strange smiles - it's nice. Skype gives a chance to everyone.

However, sometimes you want to get rid of the annoying companion, removing it from the contact.

Virtual communication has given man the opportunitybreak contact with any person without much fear of offending. You communicate, delishsya views, and then, if not destiny, just a few strokes of the mouse you send a person to the blacklist or nothingness forever. How it's done?

No companion - no problem

The company itself is Skype Technologies was founded in2003. Since then it has come a long way of changes, modifications, improvements. Recently, it has been absorbed by the software giant "Microsoft". The further fate of it is very interesting. And now about removing users.

Without doing - think about making - forget it. If you are not sure - do not remove, and removed - just good.

The easiest and best way to removeperson - is to click on it in the contact list and select from the ensuing menu line "Delete contact". Method reliable enough quality and eliminates the problems of the masses. Sometimes it happens that the line "Delete Contact" is not there. Then, select the "Block" and then "Delete".
In terms of reliability, easy to removea person from your contact list is somewhat faster than the block. However, imagine a situation where the officious interlocutor in the heat of the argument is trying to have his own and is already well overheated. Once you remove it, it will not keep it from appearing again. He will emerge from obscurity, since there is no reliable protection to remove it completely from the virtual communication.
Here here and help this option as"Block". It is akin to the black list to all well-known messenger of communication ICQ. Should such a person be you locked, to reverse the appearance of it will need a lot more time, because there is already need a new registration on that not everyone will be decided.

Etiquette in communication

If you do not want to resort to extreme measures and to remove or be removed, follow some simple rules of communication:

Even the Internet has its own rules of etiquette that must be followed.

1; Do not be rude.
2; Do not trollte, Skype has this, but it is better to abstain.
3, DO NOT TYPE whole sentences in CAPITAL LETTERS!
4, Do not give in to various provocations.
5, Do not deviate from the topic, leading in the direction of the interlocutor.
6, Do not engage in spamming. All users are divided into two categories: those who hate spam, and those who do not know about it.
7, if it comes to the placement of posts on forums, then think over every word. He will see millions of users. So do not do so then there was "painfully ashamed."
8.; Communicate with others as you would like to chat with you.

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