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How to define the sharpness of hearing

How to determine the hearing acuity

Hearing tests most people associate with the utterance of a whisper of numerals in the ENT office. This simplified diagram does not identify a serious hearing impairment.

This will require serious examination, which can be passed in many specialized centers.

Modern methods and tools

Research status hearing - one of the leastpainful medical procedures, it is also of great interest to the patient. Modern methods of determining the severity of hearing loss include tonal threshold audiometry. This method is suitable for detecting the slightest hearing loss at a relatively early stage, when the person may not even notice them.

In normal hearing audiogram graph is a flat line without pronounced peak, which means that all frequencies are perceived by man about the same.

Full survey begins with a detailedconsultation with an audiologist, a doctor who carries out inspection or otoscopy the eardrum and the external ear. This is a quick and painless procedure includes a check for mechanical damage and abnormalities of the outer ear. Audiologist finds the patient whether he was concerned about common symptoms of hearing loss - tinnitus, indiscriminate speech, background hum. After otoscopy physician starts audiometry or measuring the hearing.
The severity of hearing loss does not vary depending on yourstate. Therefore, the survey methods used by the absolute or precise measurements. The most popular of them - audiometry, which is a high-tech way to determine the patient's hearing threshold, measuring his hearing acuity, detect possible deviations.

Modern audiometry

Audiometry has no contraindications and can notto any deviation. It is of two types - tone and voice. Tonal audiometry hearing determines the threshold of the patient, identifying the most quiet sounds that he could discern. During tonal audiometry specialist discovers how well the patient can distinguish between sounds of different high and low frequencies generally in the range from 250 to 8,000 Hertz. It refers to this range of human speech.

An audiogram is required for the selection of hearing aids, because clearly shows exactly what frequency should be increased.

Speech audiometry is necessary to understand how well the patient can parse human speech. Because sometimes the patient has no apparent hearing loss can cause problems with her understanding.
According to the survey specialist shoulda schedule-audiogram, which reflects the severity of the patient's hearing. Audiogram looks like a form with vertical and horizontal axes. The horizontal axis is marked sound frequency on the vertical - the sound level. These studies reflect the individual curves to the right and left ear. On the basis of audiometry audiologist should make a conclusion about the nature of hearing impairment. With graphics-audiogram can diagnose problems with the perception of specific frequencies.

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