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How to define a profession in which you can succeed?

How to define a profession in which you can succeed?

Determine the scope of professional development is necessary not only before entering the school, but also in other periods of life.

For example, if you change jobs or learn a new profession.

There are several ways to understand what profession suit us, and therefore will bring success.



Psychological counseling.
You can get advice psychologistcareer counseling. You will be offered a number of techniques that will identify your interests, aptitudes and abilities to those or other specialties. In the arsenal of modern psychologists are many different methods: questionnaires, drawing tests, computer techniques, etc.
At the end of the consultation you will get a deep psychological portrait of personality and recommendations on the most appropriate professional spheres.


Astrological advice.
Another kind of information can be obtained through the preparation of a natal chart - astrological instrument, which is used in such cases.
You will learn your predominant element - "fire", "air", "water", "earth", each of which correspond to certain professions.
Also, you will be given information on the influence of certain planets on your personality. For each such influence can make a recommendation, what professions are suitable and which are not.


Socionic typing.
A modern branch of psychology - Socionics offers the tools to identify the right person professions.
Initial discussion and passing the test identifies personality type, which is characterized by its specific data processing techniques. Total of 16 types.
Knowing the characteristics of their socionic type is easy to predict the professional field in which to more fully develop their potential.


There are also numerous other methodsdetermining suitable for human occupations. When using several techniques you can get three-dimensional picture, which most likely will make useful recommendations.

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