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How to identify the profession in which you can succeed?


How to identify the profession in which you can succeed?</a>

It is necessary to determine the sphere of professional realization not only before entering the educational institution, but also in other periods of life.

For example, when changing jobs or mastering a new profession.

There are several ways to understand which professions suit us and, therefore, will bring success.



Consultation of a psychologist.
You can consult a psychologist onVocational guidance. You will be offered a number of techniques that will reveal your interests, inclinations and abilities to various specialties. In the arsenal of modern psychologists, there are many different methods: questionnaires, drawing tests, computer techniques, etc.
As a result of the consultation, you will receive a deep psychological portrait of the person and recommendations on the most suitable professional fields.


Astrological consultation.
Other kind of information can be obtained through the compilation of a natal chart - an astrological instrument that is used in such cases.
You will recognize your predominant element - "fire", "air", "water", "earth", each of which corresponds to certain professions.
Also you will be given information on the influence of certain planets on your personality. For each such influence, you can give a recommendation, which professions are suitable, which are not.


Socionic typing.
The modern branch of psychology - socionics offers its tools with the aim of identifying suitable professions for the individual.
Primary conversation and passing the test allows us to identify a socionic type that is characterized only by its inherent ways of processing information. Total types 16.
Knowing the characteristics of your socionic type, you can easily predict professional areas in which you can most fully reveal your potential.


There are also many other methodsThe definition of suitable for a person professions. Using several techniques, you can get a three-dimensional picture, which is most likely to make useful recommendations.

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