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Deductions from the university by the student's request

Expulsion from the university by the student's request

In connection with family, financial or other circumstances the student may need to discontinue their studies.

In this case, of a right to apply for a deduction on their own and leave the university.



If you already have a scientific director,for example, a teacher from whom you are writing a thesis, inform him of his decision to leave the university. If your decision is connected with any problems with the academic debt or with writing qualification works, perhaps he will tell you a way out. For example, for people who simply do not have time to study because of work or family problems, the output may be a sabbatical. In this case, you still have the legal right to return to school after the end of the course without loss.


For execution of documents come in the dean's officeits faculty. The issues of student contributions are usually engaged in the dean or his deputy on educational work. Meet with one of them and explain your situation. If you can not find another solution, except deductions, write a statement about his resignation from the studies according to the model, which you will be given. Then pass the document personally to the dean or the dean's secretary.


Get away from the university you put the paper. You must return your certificate of completion of the school. Also, the official certificate stating that they have an incomplete higher education should be prepared for students of the fourth and older courses.


If you have received education on a fee basis,discuss the issue with the Dean of the return you made money. This is especially true if you leave the University at the beginning of the semester. Not every high school will meet you in this matter, however, if it is specified in the contract, you can partially compensate for the payment of the training period, you will no longer be held.

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