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How to deduce stains on suede

Delicate suede - gentle handling

Suede - the material is very soft and therefore wear out of it calls for a delicate handling.

Show stains can be a variety of ways, but many of them may harm the material, especially such a capricious, like suede.



Spot of glue on suede shoes or subjectclothes can be, if it is fresh, remove with a rag soaked in gasoline. If the stain has had time to dry, you can try to bring it thinner or paint stripper.


Acetone or nail polish remover remove stains less effective but much more delicate. Before processing suede gasoline or acetone, check first on a small inconspicuous area.


Buy at the pharmacy 5% ammonia solution and usehim. After any alkaline agents recommended to treat suede special utility bills, which is sold in any decent shop selling suede shoes and clothing. Zhirovki designed specifically nubuck and suede. Its use can extend the life of the product, and restores the properties of suede. Immediately after the impregnation is necessary to lift the pile with a special brush or eraser.


You can use a suede cleaner asshampoo or special soap in a shoe store, as well as a rubber brush to raise the nap. Carry a pocket in a protective spray for suede shoes and treat more often, so as not to pester the moisture and dirt.

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