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How to deduce stains from sweat

How to deduce stains from sweat

Yellowish stains from sweat spoil clothes violate the structure of tissues, they are clearly visible on the white and light-colored clothing.

Print sweat stains from a variety of ways? it all depends on the type of fabric and the stain ago.

You will need

  • - soap
  • - vinegar
  • - salt
  • - Ammonia, alcohol and conventional
  • - hydrogen peroxide
  • - flour
  • - petrol
  • - Ammonia, denatured alcohol and acetone
  • - Chicken egg yolk



To start with the clothes to be washed in a washingmachine using special tools. The remaining spots are subject to removal. Zamoyte spots with soapy water. Try to remove the stain by rubbing it with warm water and soap. Fight with the remaining spots have gradually.


Vinegar - Mix half a cup of water with a teaspoon of vinegar and rub the stain with a solution. Vinegar can change the color of the clothes, so use it carefully.


Table salt - firmly divorced salt wellcope with spots on colored clothes, silk fabrics. Gently acting, she does not break the structure of the tissue, preserves the color and remove the yellowish stains.


The alcohol - the usual mixture of ammonia and put on a small piece of cloth, they pat the stain, wait a few minutes and rinse the cloth with water.


Hydrogen peroxide ? for white fabrics. Treat the spot under the sun, rinse with water, dry and sprinkle with flour.


Gasoline? dip a cotton swab into gasoline and treat stains. Wipe the removal of ammonia and wash clothing. If you withdraw from sweat stains poorly, it will remain divorces and contours that have to be removed again.


Withdraw spot sparing ways with colored fabrics. Rub the stain of sweat with a piece of dry soap, placing the cloth on a hot iron. Complete wet cleaning procedure.


Mix ammonia, denatured alcohol and acetone solution and soak the stain. The method for colored permanently dyed fabrics.


A mixture of chicken egg yolk and apply on methstain, leave to form a crust. Gently scrape it with a blunt metal object, and wash clothing. If bad yolk removed, then heat the glycerol and wetting the stain, remove the traces.


To remove stains from synthetic fabrics sufficient washing. Soak the garment in warm soapy water, then wash hands with powder or ordinary soap.

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