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How to deduce grease stains from your favorite clothes

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Many people faced with such unpleasant problem as a grease stain on clothes.

Such unexpected "guests" can appear on whatever things most often on children's clothing. And not always these spots be removed using normal washing.

What to do in this case? It does not matter if it was the old do not need a thing, you can just throw away.

And for a new or favorite clothes can still be overcome.

How to remove old or new grease stain from fabric?

Natural cotton fabrics respond well towashing using aggressive means to remove stains. These include kerosene solvent. With their help, you need to treat the stain, leave the vehicle for 30 minutes and extend good thing with the powder. When using kerosene, is to make sure that it does not harm the fabric. To do this, you can not test for a prominent part of things. If everything is OK, you can remove the stain.

Delicate fabrics require appropriate care,so there will not do any aggressive means. you need to use a special blend for the removal of greasy stains from suede, silk and other fabrics. You will need glycerin, water and ammonia. Mix the water and glycerin in equal parts, and add quite a bit of alcohol (a few drops per 30 g of the mixture). Next, we need to treat the stain and leave for 3 hours thing alone, after the wash in warm water. If at first you do not yield to the spot, then repeat the procedure again.

Clothing that can not be washed, you canhandle alcohol. For removal of fatty stains, in this case, the medical use undiluted alcohol. Spot first treated them, and then warm water.

The easiest way to remove unwanted fatstain from clothes - is to use mild detergents for washing dishes. The spot to be treated and leave for a day, then wash the thing ordinary way (in the machine or by hand).

Whichever way you do not remove stainsused, it is worth remembering that the thing can be poorly colored or not match the declared on the label quality. Therefore, in order to avoid unnecessary problems, conduct first test of the invisible parts of clothes, and then remove the stain.

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