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DECOMMISSION in your kitchen


Decoupage in your kitchen</a>

Today all over the world it has become fashionable to decorate your house with all kinds of products made by your own hands. Here such an elegant set based on your favorite fairy tales can be created with the help of decoupage.

You will need

  • - white bowl or bowl-
  • - means for washing glass-
  • - paper napkin with fairy-tale characters (or other) -
  • - glue for decoupage on porcelain for roasting (you can buy in the store for needlework) -
  • - Brush-
  • - scissors-
  • - marker for glass and porcelain for firing.



Select for the decoupage of the bowl or bowl carefully wipe the glass cleaner to degrease it.
With a paper napkin with fairy-tale characters, carefully separate the thinnest top layer.


Scissors cut what you need for decoupagedecorative element. Find the most successful location of the napkin piece on the bowl, trying out various options. Having chosen the desired location, glue the fragment with glue for decoupage on porcelain for roasting. Cut another smaller fragment from the top layer of the paper napkin, and paste it inside the bowl.


After completely drying, cover all the elementsApplication of another layer of glue for decoupage for firing. To give the integrity of the composition, put a zigzag pattern along the edge of the bowl, repeating the "line" pattern on paper fragments. After drying the paint, heat the bowl in the oven at 130 degrees for one and a half hours.

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