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Decoupage on glass</a>

Decoupage is a decorative technique that allows you to decorate various items as if they were hand-painted.

Ready-made crafts are suitable for decorating the house and as gifts for friends.

When applying pictures on the glass surface there are some subtleties.

Preparation of materials

For the design of a transparent dish in technologyReverse decoupage, put it in front of you on a table covered with oilcloth or something else to protect the surface of furniture. Wipe the outside of the dish thoroughly with a glass cleaner or alcohol. This is necessary for degreasing and removing dirt.

If you suddenly leave a fingerprint on the glass surface, immediately remove it with a cotton swab with alcohol. Otherwise, the dirt will be perfectly visible on the outside of the dish.

Prepare a tissue motif. Cut out the picture with scissors. When pulling the motive by hands and gluing it to the glass, using the reverse decoupage technique, the uneven edge can be seen from the front side. Divide the napkin into separate layers, leaving for decoration only a color - the rest you will not need.

Reverse decoupage of the dish

Attach the picture to the back of the plateFace down. For gluing you can use glue PVA, diluting it to a liquid state, or fix the work immediately with acrylic lacquer. Use a soft floss brush to apply the adhesive on top of the motif, while aligning the picture on the place for it. Smooth all wrinkles and blisters from the center to the edges, expel air bubbles and excess glue or varnish.

All the PVA glue protruding past the edges of the picture orRemove acrylic lacquer with cotton buds or discs so that no stains remain. To enhance the brightness of the pasted pattern, apply a white acrylic paint or acrylic primer over it.

Finishing the plate

To give the work a finished look, coverPatterns of the edge of the plate. Pattern pattern put on the inside of the decorated dishes. Use the contour for the glass. You can apply solid lines that repeat the pattern, or make it as individual small dots. It all depends on your desire and skill.

When the contour pattern completely dries,Blot the whole patterned background with a piece of foam rubber, which you dunk into acrylic paint for glass work. Dry and cover the entire back of the plate with acrylic lacquer in several layers, always giving time to dry for everyone.

If you are thinking of using a plate on a directPurpose, cover it with a special varnish for glass. Then the dishes should be put in the oven and held at a certain temperature. These data are written on the varnish label.

The prepared dish can be washed with water and a sponge without abrasive substances.

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