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Decoupage on glass

Decoupage on glass

Decoupage - a decorative technique that allows you to register various items as if they were hand-painted.

Ready-made crafts are suitable for home decoration and as a gift to friends.

When applied to pictures on the glass surface, there are some nuances.

Preparation of materials

To obtain a transparent plate in the artreverse decoupage put it in front of him on the table, the laid oilcloth or something else, to protect the surface of furniture. Carefully wipe the outside of the dish liquid glass cleaner or alcohol. It is necessary for the degreasing and removal of dirt.

If you happen to leave a fingerprint on the glass surface, immediately remove it with a cotton pad with alcohol. Otherwise, the dirt will be perfectly visible on the outside of the plate.

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Prepare the tissue motive. A picture cut out with scissors. When ejection of motive hands and bonding it to the glass using a reverse decoupage technique, may be on the front side is visible uneven edge. Divide the napkin into separate layers, leaving only color for decorating - you will not need the rest.

Reverse decoupage plates

Attach a picture to the back of the plateface down. For bonding you can use white glue, diluting it to a liquid state, or fix the work immediately with acrylic lacquer. Hammers finishing a soft brush, apply adhesive over the motive, at the same time aligning the image to the position for her place. Smoothes out all wrinkles and bulges from the center to the edges, expel air bubbles and excess glue or varnish.

All pictures speaking glue the edges or PVAacrylic lacquer, remove with cotton sticks or disks, not to stain remained. To enhance the brightness of the picture pasted on top of it, apply white acrylic paint or acrylic primer.

Finishing decoration plates

To give the finished look, coverpatterned edge plate. Template pattern attach to the inside of the dishes to be decorated. Use contour for glass. You can apply solid lines, repeating patterns, or make it a separate small dots. It all depends on your desire and skill.

When the circuit pattern is completely dry,pat the entire patterned background with a piece of foam rubber, which is poppy acrylic paint to work on the glass. Dry and cover the entire back side of the plate with acrylic lacquer in several layers, be sure to give everyone time to dry.

If you want to use a plate-labelpurpose, covers it with a special varnish for glass. Then you need to put the dishes in the oven and kept at a certain temperature. This data is written on the label varnish.

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The finished dish can be washed with water and a sponge without abrasive substances.

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