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Decoupage Easter eggs with their hands

Decoupage Easter eggs with their hands

For the Easter holidays there is a tradition to prepare in advance. It includes a variety of methods for decorating eggs.

Painted eggs are not only find a place on your desk, but they still decided to give to friends and acquaintances.

One way to create an original souvenir - a decoration of eggs in decoupage technique.

Decoupage boiled eggs

To decorate take a hard-boiled chickenegg. Prepare starch paste. For its production thoroughly stir the spoon a tablespoon of starch in a small volume of cold water. Then slowly pour in a thin stream of boiling water, until the mixture begins to resemble a jelly. Allow the paste to cool.

Pick napkins for decoupage, so that theirfigure reflects the theme of the holiday. The required pattern can be cut with scissors and gently pry his hands. Exfoliate cloth, separating it a layer of paint with your desired motif. Cover the paste surface of the egg, where will be located the picture is prepared.

Apply glue to the cut surface of the motive. Use your fingers to flatten the folds. Be careful, very wet cloth tears easily. Place the egg on a stand and let the paste dry.

To create a festive mood decorate Easter motifs in decoupage technique associated attributes feast dishes, baskets, egg cups.

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Decoupage on raw chicken egg

From raw egg must be removedcontent. Wash the egg. Thick needle puncture it from the sharp edge. With the blunt end dig up the hole bigger and pour the contents of the eggs in a bowl. Rinse under running water and leave an empty shell on a towel to dry.

Separate the whites from the colored layers of tissue. Divide the pattern into smaller components to make it convenient to stick to the egg. Apply the pattern on the shell and covers it with white glue on top, smoothing brush folds. Be sure to cover the hole in the tissue motive blunt part of the egg. Dry your work. Attach the picture varnish.

Decoupage wooden blanks

Get the egg harvesting. They can be with or without stand them. Cover the entire surface of the wood with acrylic primer or white acrylic paint. Leave blank to dry thoroughly.

Prepare or napkin decoupage card with Easter motif. To make the transition from drawing to the background edge was easier to hide, pluck picture hands, and do not cut with scissors. Separate the colored layer.

Beginners learn the technique of decoupage decoupage can take advantage of special cards. They resemble tracing the touch and have a thin brittle layer of colored napkins.

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Glue each piece of cloth on the surfaceWooden eggs using PVA glue. Dry with a soft brush expel out of the picture and glue the excess air while straightening and smoothing the image.

After the glue has dried, apply acrylic paint,which will be the backdrop for the final image. Stands for eggs can be decorated in the same technology or to cover a suitable color of acrylic paint. Otlakiruyte ready souvenir.

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