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Decoupage candles in floral style

Decoupage candles in floral style

Create comfort and warmth of home help candles and beautiful and unusual and original candles will make you smile.

Making unusual and at the same time simple design candles in floral style.

You will need

  • - Flowers small or herbarium
  • - Ready large candle
  • - Usual taper
  • - Tablespoon
  • - saucepan
  • - Iron bowl
  • - Skalka
  • - A piece of paper or dostochka



Spread on a sheet of paper or Dostochka flowers, roll them with a rolling pin until they are flat. It is better to roll through gauze and thin fabric, so that the flower is not damaged.


On a lighted taper Gray tablespoon. We put on our main candle applique and iron it hot with a spoon. Flowers should ideally fit the candle. Fully envelops the candle in the flower world.


To spark was beautiful and presentation,you need to drop it for a few seconds in hot, melted wax in a water bath. So the candle is covered with a small layer of paraffin and will look much better than the original.


Before you drop the candle in the melted wax can be applied to it a little perfume for fragrance. Ready-made candle will be subtle and pleasant scent of your favorite flavor.

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