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Decoupage box with his hands

Decoupage box with his hands

Bag in the technique decoupage decorate and transform any interior.

Beautiful and simple design of the box will create a playful mood, and you get a lot of pleasure from the process.

You will need

  • - Karobochka
  • - Brown and white paint
  • - Brush
  • - Wax Candle
  • - White board
  • - Relief scissors
  • - Clay
  • - capacity
  • - Napkin with a pattern
  • - Sandpaper



Cut 2 strips of cardboard by 1.5 cm, doembossed edge with scissors. Take the glue and glue to the bottom edging on the cap and box. Mix in the brown and white container of paint, turned silver shade that you want to paint the box in 2 layers.


Wait for the paint to dry completely. Once the paint has dried, you need a good rub all exposed parts of wax candles, as little need to go through the rest of the future box. Brush remove all unnecessary pellets that remained from rubbing a candle.


Paint the box in white, inner partCaps also need to cover, but only the protruding part, the bottom of the cover does not touch. Create an aged effect, for this you need to go on the box with sandpaper.


Cut out your favorite items and towelsWe glue them to the box with white glue. Under the picture is only necessary to apply a drop of glue to secure it. Next, apply the adhesive to the front part of the picture and smoothing movements evenly distribute it. Once you have pasted all the elements, the box should be covered with a protective layer of glue. On the inside of the box is necessary to glue the fabric or painted in white color.

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