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Decorative well in the garden design


Among the various elements of the garden design isA lot of these that you can do with your own hands. Decorative well refers to this kind of decor. It gives the garden a truly Russian spirit and fits perfectly into the image of a rural garden.

A decorative well may look different. It can be with or without a canopy, decorated with flowerpots with flowers or garden figures and sculptures. More often than not, the well is more like a real well, it is made of wood. For this purpose, a wooden frame or timber is suitable. It will be possible to frame the block with a house or leave it without it. Color for the well, you can also choose any. The main thing here is to choose the right shade, which will echo with a touch of other garden buildings. If the decorative well is made of wood, it will need to be treated with means against decay and various pests. So the well will last much longer.

Not bad looking and wells made of stone. Wood and stone always combine well, so wells made of these two materials will also look interesting. Often you can see decorative wells from concrete rings. To make the rings do not look gray and boring, they can be painted, adding more white. On the rings, you can depict brickwork. But sometimes, to create a sense of antiquity, the rings are left gray, and next to plant bright, low flowers. This contrast will be very interesting.

A place for a decorative well must be chosenSo that they can admire not only the owners of the site, but also their guests. The well can become one of the outstanding elements of the garden decor. At the same time, he should not look on the site superfluous.

A lid for a decorative well can beA kind of basket with flowers. This will give the brightness and individuality of the site. If the lid is made of wood, then it will be possible to arrange containers with flowers, or you can place lanterns that work in the solar cells and glow in the dark. Such wells in the evening will look mysterious and mysterious.

The plot of land is not only a job in the garden, it's also a creative work!

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