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DECORATIVE shelf Kitty


Decorative shelf Kitty</a>

The idea of ​​creating a decorative composition forDecorating the kitchen interior belongs to the Polish craftsman Anna Kruchko. A nice and tender kitty with a lavender garden can serve as a shelf for spices or indoor flowers.

You will need

  • - cardboard-
  • - glue-
  • - thread-
  • - coffee beans-
  • - wadded disks-
  • - stationery knife-
  • napkins for decoupage)-
  • - paper tape-
  • - Acrylic paint (white, brown) -
  • - sticks from ice cream (medical spatulas) -



Prepare the kitty pattern and transfer it to the cardboard.
Cut out the silhouette of the kitty with a stationery knife.


Make a cardboard stand in the form of a rectangle.
Glue the stand to the cat and fix it with paper tape
Attach the sides to the stand.


After encircling the kitty with cotton pads, tie it with threads.
Paint cotton pads with brown paint and cover the cat with coffee beans.


Make a fence of sticks from ice cream (medical spatulas).
Paint the decorative garden with white paint.


Make boxes for jars or spices that will stand in the kindergarten of cardboard.
Also from a cardboard it is possible to make a napkin.
Wrap napkins with napkins for decoupage.


Zadekoririvte the coffee can with white acrylic paint and napkins.

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