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Decorative self-leveling 3D floors


The floor is a special type of screed withUsing special self-leveling mixtures. Decorative bulk 3D floors have recently become very popular in the design of interiors of residential and commercial premises. The live picture looks very impressive, creating an illusion of full volume.

Decorative self-leveling 3D floors

Filling 3D floors - a polymer fill, on topWhich is applied three-dimensional image. After the final hardening, such a floor covering turns into a real art object, and the 3D effect is achieved due to the visibility of the applied pattern in the volume.

There are two types of self-leveling floors:

1. Fast-hardening cement screed, used as a basis for any flooring (linoleum, tile, laminate, parquet, etc.) -

2. Polymeric finish coat, which is subsequently a fill floor.

Making liquid 3D floors is enoughA laborious process consisting of several stages. First, it is necessary to prepare the surface, clearing it of accumulated dust, glue, oil stains and any other substances that can weaken the adhesion of the mixture to the substrate. If the floor surface has cracks, then they are poured with epoxy resin. Then the floor is treated with a primer and glued with fiberglass. The prepared base is filled with a polymer coating with a pattern, then it is allowed to dry and cover the entire space with a double layer of varnish. Drying the floor for a long time - this process takes about 6-8 days, after which an incredibly strong surface is formed, not subject to the negative effects of water and sunlight.

Making liquid 3D floors is a very longAnd a laborious process that requires special knowledge, professional skills and adherence to special conditions. That's why experts do not recommend taking this case on their own, because if you do something wrong, then on the floor can form bubbles, irregularities and cracks.

To create a three-dimensional drawing on the floorCovering the work of artists who work in this original direction. You can make a three-dimensional image on any, even a very large surface.

The floor can be used in almostAny premises - industrial enterprises, offices and apartments. The image can also be anything and depends only on the style of the interior and the personal taste preferences of the buyer.

The filling 3D floor is not only originalA design solution, but also a perfectly flat, durable and durable floor covering. The disadvantages of such a floor include a relatively high cost, which is due to the laboriousness of its manufacture and the duration of this process.

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