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Children's Room Decor

Decorating a child's room

To create an interior room for a child you need to approach responsibly, because he was in it and sleeps and plays, and learns. The kid has to feel comfortable being in his room, in his own world.

And the best way to do this - to create the interior of their own, using their imagination and creative skills.


First of all, you need to pay attention to the decorationwalls. In our time, a huge variety of materials for decorating the walls of the nursery. This wallpaper that is washable wallpaper with the image of fairy-tale characters, wallpaper, glowing in the dark. Choosing such wallpaper, it is worth remembering that the overall tone should be calm, as too bright colors will distract the child's attention from the important lessons. It is best to help to focus the color green. You can also use the beige, blue, yellow, pink colors.

Now very popular wallpapers. With their help, you can create in the children a real world of adventure! You can select a fairyland or forest, the world's favorite cartoon child inhabited their characters. On these wallpapers can be placed and all the family photos.

If you have the ability to draw, you can paint the walls by hand, depicting what the skill is enough. For this fit acrylic paints. It is better not to use dark and bright colors.

The child likes to paint on the walls? It's not scary. It is enough to take this a special place, which can seal the Whatman or white wallpaper. Also suitable clean sheets in the framework, so the child will be even more interesting, and it will cease to spoil the wallpaper. As necessary, the sheets easily replaced. Then these pictures can be hung on the wall along with pictures.

decorating furniture

Furniture in the room is also possible to decorate. If the walls are painted some designs, they can be painted and the bed, table, wardrobe. Old furniture, not suitable for children's overall color scheme, you can first paint and then cover with drawings, stickers or bulky applications. Options decor furniture for children very much need to rely only on the preferences of the child.

And, of course, a variety of additionalelements of the complete interior room for a child. The curtains and bedspread on the bed, you can pick up so that they resonated with a pattern on the walls and furniture. For example, if the wallpaper painted flowers, then they can be and bedding, and curtains. You can make all necessary on their own, or order in the studio, if you can not find the right color scheme.

Do not forget that no child is complete without toys and books. It is better if the room they will occupy separate shelves or cabinets. They will complete the interior of the room.

Before you begin decoratingchild, it is desirable to ask a child what he imagines it. And if the baby will be very involved in the repair, it will give him a lot of positive emotions.

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