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How to make your business

How to make your business

Contents of business is to register it in the manner prescribed by law.

This is the choice of the legal form of the company or the status of an individual entrepreneur, the collection of documents, filing them to the tax office and obtaining all necessary certifications and licenses.



The most common form, which is beingsmall business - it is an individual entrepreneur (SP) or Limited Liability Company (LLC). The advantages of IP - a simple registration procedure, the possibility of the entrepreneur to dispose of the proceeds from their activities on their own, bypassing the banks, there is no need to maintain accounting records. Benefits LLC - its members are not liable for its obligations with their property (as opposed to SP!), It may engage in retail trade in alcohol (this is important, if you open a store or coffee shop), in the eyes of most people, more solid LLC.


Making business in the form of IP works as follows:

1. filling the application form for registration of IP (it can be found on the Internet). Particular attention here should be given to the introduction of NACE code (code of the type of your business). To do this, just need to find the text of NACE, it contains a lot of notes and explanations, so find your code will be easy.

2. The preparation of copies of passports and TIN.

3. The visit of the tax at the place of residence documents.

4. The visit to the notary with a registration statement with the IP to finish the employee tax code inspection of the tax inspection, notarized copies of passport and tax, as well as statements.

5. Payment of the state fee (800 rubles).

6. The submission of all the documents together with the receipt to the same tax office (at the same time it is possible to write a statement about the transition to a simplified system of taxation).

7. a certificate of registration of IP and extracts from the register of individual entrepreneurs.

8. obtaining of statistical codes Rosstat (Federal State Statistics Service in a visit to the SP documents).

9. The opening of a bank account in the SP (you need to take all the documents SP, VAT number, passport).

10. The notice of tax inspection about opening an account.


Register LLC is more complex than the SP record. Many have resorted to the services of specialized firms, as it saves time and nerves. In addition, when preparing documents can make mistakes and thereby extend the registration procedure. Services companies, which are engaged in registration of business, cost from 7,000 rubles.


If you do decide to register their own company, the order of registration looks like this:

1. Preparation of constituent documents Ltd. (two copies of the charter company, general meeting protocol on the establishment Ltd., receipt of payment of state duty, a statement on the form of R11001 with notarized signature of one of the founders, a statement about the transition to a simplified system of taxation).

2. opening a savings account in the bank, which credited the amount of the share capital (prior to the registration company must be paid at least 50% of the share capital).

3. The payment of the state duty for registration - 4,000 rubles.

4. The supply of documents to tax inspection №46.

5. obtaining an extract from the register, the registered constituent documents, certificate of state registration of tax records, documents confirming registration with extra-budgetary funds and Rosstat.

6. manufacture Printing Co., Ltd.

7. The opening of a bank account.


Documents on registration of LLC or IP obtained,usually within 5 days after delivery. All changes (such as the sale of shares of OOO, change of directors) should be reported to the tax office.

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