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How to apply for a business


How to apply for a business</a>

To issue a business means to register it in accordance with the procedure established by law.

This is the choice of the organizational and legal form of the company or the status of an individual entrepreneur, the collection of documents, filing them with the tax inspectorate and obtaining all the necessary certificates and licenses.



The most common forms in whichA small business is an individual entrepreneur (IP) or a limited liability company (LLC). Advantages of IP - a simple registration procedure, the entrepreneur's ability to dispose of the proceeds from his activities independently, bypassing banks, the lack of the need to maintain accounting records. Advantages of the LLC - its participants do not meet their obligations with their property (unlike IP!), It can deal with retailing alcohol (this is important if you open a store or a cafe), in the eyes of most people LLC is more solid.


Business registration in the form of IP occurs according to the following algorithm:

1. Filling in the application form for registration of IP (it can be found on the Internet). Particular attention should be paid here to the code of OKVED (code of your activity type). To do this, you simply need to find the OKVED text, it contains a lot of notes and explanations, so it's easy to find your code.

2. Preparation of copies of the passport and TIN.

3. a visit to the tax at the place of registration with documents.

4. a visit to the notary with an application for the registration of a PI with the code of this tax inspection that has been completed by a tax inspector, notarization of copies of the passport and TIN, as well as applications.

5. payment of state duty (800 rubles).

6. delivery of all documents together with a receipt to the same tax office (at the same time, you can write a statement on the transition to a simplified taxation system).

7. Obtaining a certificate of registration of individual entrepreneurs and extracts from the register of individual entrepreneurs.

8. Obtaining statistics codes in Rosstat (simply visit to Rosstat with IP documents).

9. Opening a bank account for a PI (you need to take all the PI, TIN, passport documents).

10. notification of the tax inspection on the opening of the account.


The registration of an LLC is more complicated than the registration of an IP. Many resort to the services of specialized firms, as this saves time and nerves. In addition, when preparing documents, you can make mistakes and thereby prolong the registration procedure. The services of companies that deal with business registration cost from 7000 rubles.


If you still decided to register the LLC yourself, then the registration procedure looks something like this:

1. Preparation of constituent documents of the LLC (two copies of the charter of the LLC, minutes of the general meeting of shareholders on the establishment of the LLC, a receipt for payment of the state fee, application form P11001 with a notarized signature of one of the founders, an application for a simplified taxation system).

2. opening a savings account in the bank, to which the amount of the authorized capital is credited (before registration of the LLC, at least 50% of the authorized capital must be paid).

3. payment of state registration fee - 4000 rubles.

4. Submission of all documents to the tax inspection No.46.

5. Obtaining an extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, registered constitutive documents, certificates of state registration, tax registration, documents confirming registration in off-budget funds and Rosstat.

6. Production of printing.

7. Opening a bank account.


Documents on the registration of LLC or IP are obtained,As a rule, within 5 working days after filing. All changes (such as the sale of LLC shares, change of directors) must be notified to the tax inspection.

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