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How to decorate trees


How to decorate trees</a>

If you live in your own home, you do not only decorate the facade and the interior of the building itself, but also the adjacent territory.

And if everything is more or less clear with flowers and alpine hills, the question of decorating trees is still open.

How to diversify your landscape design with original decoration?



Fruit-bearing Trees In the spring and summer period they decorate themselves. Delicate fragrant flowers, and afterwards bright juicy fruits, is the best design that nature could come up with. She should learn and apply these principles to the usual TreesM, which please us only greens. Buy wax fruit and fasten them on the branches. So you can kill two birds with one stone. First, birds, after trying such a "treat" will stop flying into your garden and leave the harvest intact. Secondly, you surprise the guests with your Michurin's exploits and growing pears on the birch tree.

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Small Trees Can be decorated with artificial or homemade paper flowers. They will not fade and will delight you all summer. The only thing that can hurt them is unfavorable weather conditions.

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Winter or early spring can be decorated Trees Light garland. Such design is especially popular before the European Christmas or the Russian New Year. Garlands must be necessarily outdoor and waterproof. Carefully check all connections so that there is no shortage in rainy or snowy weather. The colors of the garland can be combined with the design of the facade of the house or simply attract the attention with bright winks of dozens of light bulbs.

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Space under TreesYou can decorate with a flower bed or lawn, on which it will be pleasant to sit on a hot summer day. If you grow small evergreen Trees, They need to be cut off nicely. This is not only useful for the plants themselves, but will also give European chic to your garden. With the help of a professional gardener or on your own, you can give TreesM any shape. Enjoy the communication with nature!

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