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How to arrange a nursery


How to arrange a nursery</a>

If you do not just love dogs, but you decided to breed purebred puppies, you need to properly design the nursery so that this activity is legal.



Finish some courses from the listed: breeders, breeders, dog handlers, instructors or judges.


Get a breeding bitch or a few thoroughbred dogs with a pedigree.


Come up with a name for your kennel,Observing the rules established by the RKF. The name can not be longer than 15 characters (with intervals). It should be noted that it will be attached to the name of each puppy, regardless of its breed.


Check on a special website www.fci.be/affixes.aspx (Belgium), is this name not occupied by anotherBreeder. Just in case, prepare three names to avoid a difficult situation, when this trademark will already be owned by another breeder, while you collect the documents, as well as to choose the best option.


Make high-quality photocopies of the pages of your passport.


Contact any branch of the RKF with the application for registration of the nursery on a specially fixed form & nbsp- and documents: a photocopy of the passport, certificates of completion of the courses.


Produce the payment for registration of the nursery established by the Russian Cynological Federation in the amount of 1500 rubles & nbsp- in any branch of the Savings Bank.


Wait for a response from Belgium within four months.


Obtain a certificate with the name of your kennel for a period of three years with a positive & nbsp; response. In three years you can re-register the nursery for another breeder.


Order the stamp you have developed for marking puppies.


Keep your animals in proper conditions,Observing the cleanliness, the correct diet, the frequency of mating. When information about violations of animal welfare rules is received in RKF, a check is carried out and, if confirmed, you may be deprived of a certificate and further opportunity to breed dogs.

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