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How to decorate the nursery

How to make a nursery

If you do not simply love dogs, but also decided to breed pedigreed puppies kennel is necessary to issue correctly, that these activities were lawful.



He graduated from any of the following courses: breeders, breeders, dog trainers, instructors and judges.


Start breeding bitch or more purebred dogs with a pedigree.


Come up with a name for my kennel,observing the rules established by the RCF. The name should not be longer than 15 characters (with intervals). It should be borne in mind that it will be joining the nickname of each puppy, regardless of its breed.


Check on a special website www.fci.be/affixes.aspx (Belgium), not busy, whether it's another namebreeder. In any case zagotovte three names in order to avoid a difficult situation when the trademark is already owned by another breeder, while you collect documents, as well as to be able to select the best option.


Make high-quality copies of the pages of my passport.


Refer to any branch of RKF, a statement of registration of the nursery on a specially established form & nbsp- and documents: a photocopy of a passport, a certificate of course completion.


Make a set of Russian Cynological Federation Kennel payment for registration in the amount of 1,500 rubles & nbsp- in any branch of Sberbank.


Wait for an answer from Belgium for four months.


You get a certificate with the name of your kennel valid for three years with the receipt of a positive reply & nbsp-. Three years later, you can re-register the kennel to another breeder.


Book your stamp designed to mark the puppies.


Keep the animals in proper conditions,keeping clean, correct diet, mating frequency. When received by the RKF information about animal abuse content is checked and, if the data is confirmed, you can void the certificate and further opportunities to breed dogs.

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