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How to decorate the house to be beautiful

How to decorate the house to be beautiful

Decorating the house - it takes care of all the rooms. Not inviting designers can own simple and cheap to decorate the house to be beautiful.

Of course, it is always easier to imagine than to realize the dream into reality, but if you want - everything is possible.



First of all, change the color. In every house there are colors and fabrics from which you are tired. To do this, you can convene a family and discuss possible changes. All proposed ideas, even seemingly absurd initially, is to negotiate.


By changing the color of the walls, not necessarily everywhereuse paint or wallpaper. It will also be nice fit upholstery fabric. It's worth noting that the broader fabric you choose, the less expensive it will cost decorating.


Prior to decorating, you need to identify alladvantages and disadvantages of rooms (eg: low ceilings, shading, etc.). If you think that the result is monotone, bright interior animate objects.


Do not buy a bunch of small gifts, and sometimes unnecessary, it is better to take a little expensive for everyone. In this case you should follow the rule: "Better Fewer, but better."


Do not forget that the house is sure to be a living, for which if not assigned a separate room, then the room. Choosing bright colors, you make it a welcoming and warm.


Lighting plays an important role in the decoration at homeBy changing the design - install at least 3 light sources. Not bad, if the lamp on the ceiling combined with reading lamps.


All kind door and entrance hall guests have to say that they are welcome in this house. However, it should be remembered that they do not stand out from the general style of the interior.


Avoid cluttering, equip the hall lockers for storing bags, shoes and much more.


If you want to decorate the house so it was nice toany particular celebration, then the decor is to choose items that are associated with it. So, for the New Year, good fit fir branches and snowflakes, for Easter - pussy-willow twigs, thematic panels and bouquets of spring flowers, and a children's birthday party - will look great balloons and garlands.

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