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How to apply for a peasant farm


How to apply for a peasant farm</a>

Peasant farming is an association of citizens,Usually related by kinship or having common property and carrying out production and other economic activities: production, processing, agricultural products, its transportation and sale.



In order to register a peasantEconomy, we must first draw up a business plan. This document is an important component, since the creation of an economy is a costly and responsible business, therefore, the risk associated with it can not be underestimated. After all, agriculture is always a big expense, but not always the desired result.


Once you have decided on the dimensionsPeasant economy and the costs of its creation, it is necessary to solve the issue with the land. It can be purchased or received in ownership, and can also be rented with a subsequent purchase. To do this, contact the local administration and draw up a corresponding agreement.


Then you need to go through the procedure for registering the peasant farm. To do this, you should apply to the local tax office and submit the following documents:
- application for registration,
- agreement on the establishment of a peasant economy,
- a copy of the passport of the head of the farm,
- documents on payment of state duty.


Agreement on the establishment of a peasant farmIs in the event that you plan to engage in peasant labor with partners. This document should contain information about the members of the economy, their rights and obligations, the procedure for the formation of property of the farm, the distribution of income, exit and entry into the economy. In addition, the peasant farm can employ hired personnel under the employment contract. After all, as the business develops, you will need labor.


Another important stage in the creation of the economy -Purchase of agricultural equipment, materials, construction of industrial premises, conclusion of contracts for the provision of services (heat and electricity, lending, veterinary services, etc.).

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