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How to decorate forum

How to decorate forum

Forum as a means of communication is very important to find the right information or communicating with peers.

In order to allow people to comfortably lead the discussion on your forum, it must have a respectable, or just the original look.



Decorate the forum is not difficult, but it is important to take into account thatFree forums there are great limitations in this regard. According to this, in order to make the forum the way you would like it to? you need a paid forum on engines, vrode IP.Board, phpBB, Invision Power Board, Vbulletin, Intellect Board, PunBB, MyBB, ExBB, miniBB, Flex BB, Phorum, Yabb se, etc. Some engines, from this list there are also free, but the free version there are significant restrictions on the realization of your desires.


The main decoration of most forums is histitle banner that taking into account the fact that you have purchased a paid forum? You can put a wish. Including animation. For originality can draw your banner in the program? Photoshop graphics editor, or order drawing from a web designer.


It is possible for the holidays (to primeru- New Year)establish a special forum on the script? snowflakes fall ?. Throughout the Forum, will crumble snowflakes. By type of very effective and original. You can also add a user account, and so on New Year's cap Just like you can do on 23 February, 8 March and other holidays. For example, military camouflage, Rose? depending on your performances.


You will effectively change the defaultbuttons Forum on special image for your theme in the form of buttons using the same Photoshop, or other special programs. There is an interesting Crystal Button program is designed exclusively for the buttons, very easy even for beginners to use.


Hierarchical reward for offline users. For example, a fairly popular military hierarchy. Starting from ordinary ending in chief marshal. For example, up to 50 messages a person ordinary, then a junior sergeant, and so on a set he rises in rank posts. Effectively a user nickname to do special straps. Also you can come up with any hierarchy, or whatever you want.

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