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How to decorate chairs

How to decorate chairs

Even the most ordinary furniture, decorated with their own hands, can be a major highlight of the room.

After all, it tells about the tastes and interests of the owner and help connect all of the furnishings in a single composition.

You will need

  • - chairs-
  • - Abrasive shkurka-
  • - Nail work derevu-
  • - kisti-
  • - napkins for decoupage-
  • - Scissors for dekupazha-
  • - valiki-
  • - Acrylic paint to work on derevu-
  • - Fabric for manufacturing chehlov-
  • - lenty-
  • - Thread suitable colors-
  • - sewing machine-
  • - Film-adhesive
  • - Blade.




Ugly chairs with wide wooden boardsYou can make a real work of art with the help of technology with a complex called "decoupage". First, strip the back surface with crocus cloth. Then select the theme you want to place on it. In specialty stores selling supplies for decoupage on furniture. Apply a coat of paint on the back, wait until dry. Then proceed to the most decoupage techniques. On the varnish layer, it places the motif cut from cloth, flatten. Once dry, cover with a protective layer. If you are new to this art, start with small motifs, they will decorate a modern chairs and old school furniture.



Typically textile devices viadecorate the chairs for the wedding celebration. Purchase fabric suitable in color, is more practical to use a dense synthetic - it is not wrinkled, not deformed, almost does not fade. Remove the measurements from the chair and build a pattern. Case consists of two connected parts - the back, passing into the seat and chair skirts. It is particularly convenient to sew cover on the chair without rounded elements. Cut out the parts of the fabric, be sure seam allowances. Sew on a typewriter, turn and try on a chair. If the case is not too tight to the piece of furniture, you can pull up the material with the help of tapes. The back of the back will look great chic bow of colorful ribbons.


stencil pattern

To create a beautiful allover chairsdrawing, you must select the motive and produce a stencil, however, can find ready-made kits in stores for art and hobby. As a base it is most convenient to use the adhesive film. Draw her motive, it is important to ornament consisted of not very complex shapes with smooth edges. Cut out the holes using a blade, paste-stencil film on the prepared chair. With the help of sponge or roller, apply paint to the slotted part of the picture, wait until dry. Carefully remove the tape. Look beautiful drawings on the furniture, made of bronze or gold paint.

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