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How to decorate a wall photos

How to decorate a wall photos

Decorate your home interior can be, not only with the various elements of decoration (vases, flowers, statues, paintings and the like), but also with the help of beautiful pictures on the walls.

Only when this is necessary to know how to put them to the interior of the house was the original and modern.

So, how to decorate the wall of photos.

Which to choose, how to make

When you place the photos on the walls must bepay attention to the three basic rules: first, what to choose and how to arrange it, and secondly, how to print pictures, and, finally, thirdly, how to hang photos.

Naturally, the selection of the photos will be completelydepend on the taste and the views of the house of the owner, but it is worth remembering one simple rules that will make the photo on the wall of a pleasant and eye-catching. Mentally necessary to divide the two lines of the image both horizontally and vertically so as to obtain nine equal parts. At the same time the important objects that will be brought to the attention of every visitor at home, must be either at the intersection of these lines, or on their own. It should not be forgotten that it is necessary to pay attention to the horizon, if it is filled up (ie, the horizon line is not parallel to the top and bottom borders of the image), it is significantly spoil even a very interesting picture.

Further attention should be paid to printingphotos. Do not strive for the ideal solution. For the photo on the wall in the house it is not necessary to the resolution of 300 dpi. Surprisingly, a large image can be done with a much lower resolution. The same applies to the photos to be viewed from a distance. First we need to create thumbnail pictures and fragment. To select the final image required thumbnail size. Taking it in his hands, you need to stand up against the wall, which are going to hang a picture, and zoom in or out of sight, mentally picking up the required size. A fragment of the picture needs to become familiar with the picture quality. In order to print the fragment to choose the most difficult option, where the colors differ as much as possible. Also it is necessary to print the fragment, which is something in blue, as it is the most vulnerable point in print.

How to hang a picture on the wall

Before you hang up photos on the wall is necessary to remember,that each photo has a suitable distance from the viewer, which will consider it. Small pictures better viewed up close, and the large, on the contrary, must be studied from afar. Of course, before you finally hang the photo, it is better to make sure that it will really fit into the surrounding interior will be able to examine it in detail. If there is a desire to place on the wall of bright and black and white photos, you should distinguish between them in any piece of furniture to photographs placed in different spaces, since it is worth remembering about one rule. Photos that are located together, must be sustained in the same style and have a common composition.

If you wish to hang the photos in a row is worth payinghis attention to the extreme images, movement which should be directed into the composition. For example, to place portraits there is the following rule: it is desirable that the faces of people on the extreme portraits were inward composition, that is, they should not be deployed outside, and "look" at the other photos. In the center is positioned most powerful shot.

In the case of the location of a small picture on the wallpreferable to placing it in a large mat. It is desirable that the photograph was of considerable size object, so that was formed by attracting the attention of the spot.

If you want to hang a picture of a large size,it is desirable that the picture is one major facility that will attract everyone's attention to the photograph has been portrayed, and many small, so that the photo could be a long time and with interest to look at.

Positioning photos on the walls is best framed to give solidity photographs visually distinguish these images from another space in the room.

Many use the following technique for photos: cut one big photo into equal parts is less, put them in a frame and in the proper order on a wall. It is also a good example for interior decoration, is only to remember that you can not accidentally "cut" the people you see in the picture.

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