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How to decorate a wall

an easy way to decorate a wall - use a cliche

The original decoration of the walls can diversify your interior and give it a personality.

If you do not like the monotony of drawing onready-made wallpaper, and you want to draw the walls of his room in an unusual way, you can use the technique of drawing on the wall with the help of a stencil. This method is simple, accessible to everyone.

You will be able to create a clear, neat and beautiful pattern of any color on any wall.



Prepare the surface of the walls for the job -Clean them from wallpaper, dust and dirt, cover the surface of the filler and the ground in order to eliminate all the defects and shortcomings of the walls. Then, paint the walls with white paint and wait for it to dry completely.


While the paint dries, choose the appropriate templatefor wall design - using any picture or pattern that you like, but try to choose pictures with the least amount of fine detail.


The larger is the template, the easier it will be to put it on wall. You can use two or three different stencil to create a varied pattern on the surface of the walls in the room.


After drying the white paint, take a can of acrylic paint to mark the desired shade wall, Causing her from the spray paint from the grid. On white background fragments by the applied stencil Draw a picture on it a shape, using spray paint or sponge dipped in dark ink.


On the dark fragments of the grid also imposes on wall stencils with other patterns and covers them with paint light shade. Place the pieces of dark and light patterns are staggered.


Stained stencils so that the figure wasonly a tone lighter or darker than the main background - so you will create an unusual visual effect. Finalize pictures you can with a brush, prorisovyvaya small parts manually patterns.

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