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How to decorate a wall


A simple way to decorate a wall is to use a stencil</a>

The original design of the walls can diversify your interior and give it individuality.

If you do not like the uniformity of the drawing onReady wallpaper, and you want to decorate the walls of your room in an unusual way, you can use the technique of drawing a picture on the walls with a stencil. This method is simple, accessible to everyone.

You can create a clear, neat and beautiful pattern of any color on any wall.



Prepare the surface of the walls for work -Clean them from the wallpaper, dust and dirt, cover the surface with putty and primer to eliminate all defects and defects in the walls. Then paint the walls with white paint and wait for it to dry completely.


While the paint dries, select the suitable stencilFor decoration of walls - use any pattern or ornament that you like, but try to choose drawings with the smallest number of small details.


The larger the stencil, the easier it will be to apply it to the Wall. You can use two or three different stencils, creating a varied pattern on the surface of the walls in the room.


After drying the white paint, take a can of acrylic paint of the desired shade and mark Wall, Putting on it from the can of paint from the net. On white background fragments, use the superimposed stencil to draw the figure depicted on it, using a spray can with paint or a sponge soaked in a dark-colored paint.


On dark fragments of a grid also impose on Wall Stencils with other patterns and cover them with a light color shade. Arrange the dark and light pieces of the pattern in a checkerboard pattern.


Stain the stencils so that the pattern isJust a tone lighter or darker than the main background - so you create an unusual visual effect. Finish drawings you can with a brush, drawing small details of patterns manually.

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