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How to decorate a table for a holiday


Festive table will cheer up</a>

Festive elements in interior items, unusual menus, outfits - all are mandatory external components of the holiday.

They are accompanied by a great mood, games, communication.

All this makes the holiday unforgettable. However, the decorated table will further enhance the atmosphere of the festive day.

After all, many people spend most of the evening behind him.

And if there are children at the party, their enthusiasm will not be limited, and the appetite will noticeably improve.

You will need

  • Tablecloth, napkins, cutlery, food, flowers, candles, vase.



First, count how many people you need to cover table. Choose the appropriate tableNew appliances and dishes. Then proceed to the decoration tablea.


One of the main elements is a tablecloth. For solemn days, depending on the occasion, different tablecloths will suit. If this is a children's morning performance, it is better to opt for a bright oilcloth tablecloth. Children's table - it's always a couple of spilled glasses, so an oilcloth is an excellent way out. For a solemn dinner, any elegant tablecloth will do.


One of the key moments in the decoration tableA is the choice of the center element. They can become a birthday cake, if it's a birthday. For other holidays it can be a bowl of fruit, beautiful candles. When using as a center element vases with flowers, make sure that the bouquet is not too high - this will prevent guests from seeing each other and create discomfort.


Much has been said about serving tablea. We will not repeat this a thousand times. You can only add that beautifully folded napkins will cheer guests up and decorate table.


The main thing at the festive tableE is, of course, food. A beautifully cooked and decorated dish will be the main event of the evening, and if there are several such dishes, it will be difficult to look away from them. There are many ways to decorate dishes - from all known snacks "fly agaric" of eggs, tomatoes and mayonnaise to more complex dishes, which you have to work out before you introduce them to guests.


You can prepare for the guests so-called"Bonbonniere" - small surprises in bags. It can be sweets or nice little things made by yourself. To each bag you can attach a mini-card with a wish of a pleasant evening. There are many ways to decorate your table, But the main thing is the care that you will show, trying for your guests.

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