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How to decorate the stand for magazines

How to decorate the stand for magazines

At first glance, it seems like such a simple thing as a stand for magazines, can not make the beauty of the interior of the room. In fact it is not.

I suggest you from boring plywood stand to make a very unusual and bright!

You will need

  • - Plywood stand journals-
  • - acrylic paints-
  • - Kitchen gubka-
  • - A gold spray kraska-
  • - Live leaves rasteniy-
  • - Branches derevev-
  • - The brush.



Kitchen sponges cut into several pieces. Then lay out the palette of dark blue acrylic paint. She needed to paint the surface of the plywood base. Simply poppy sponge into the paint and apply a pat her on the stand.


After the first coat of paint has dried, addthe palette black paint and mix it with blue. The resulting mixture on top of the first tone, apply with a sponge, but not entirely, and so that the lower layer through the second looked through.


Gently dunk the sponge in the paint and turquoiseOtten her edge of the stand. Just this paint should be applied and the rest of the surface of the product, but only in some places, to give expression decor.


Now take a brush and use it to coat the underside of the leaf gold paint so that the veins stand out. Do not overdo it with paint, it should not be much.


Painted leaves and branches need to press onthe sides of the plywood stand so as to obtain a composition. When you attach the leaves, then slide your finger in their veins. This is to ensure that they are at least partially imprinted on a stand.


The resulting composition is necessary to sprinkle aerosolpaint so that the attached leaves stood out. At the end of this procedure, remove the peculiar pattern of leaves and twigs. Stand for magazines "Autumn Twilight" is ready! Now it will definitely be not only useful, but also beautiful.

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