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How to decorate the hall for the anniversary

How to decorate the hall for the anniversary

Anniversaries in our lives occur infrequently, and thereforea celebration going all the close friends and relatives of the hero of the day. It would be desirable that the atmosphere that day was full of respect for a birthday, a recognition of his merits, smiles and good humor.

To help in this can a bright and beautifully decorated banquet hall.



First of all, pay attention to hobbieshero of the day. If he collects something, why not put the best examples of his collection under the glass and not to present to the audience. If the hero of the day amateur photographer - the best and favorite photos. If writing poetry or composing music, be sure to let him somewhere Halle present the book with his works, or will be a tool to hero of the day he could sing his song author. Many colleagues and friends will open in a new way.


Make an original wall newspaper for the hero of the day. When you register, try to avoid the typical approach when the hero of the day glued pictures with funny captions. Go to the decoration case with fiction. Attach your photo collages with flowers in their hands, and finish in the middle of each flower - a wish hero of the day. You can title the newspaper "Lokomotiv life", and each trailer - a vital milestone with a wish. Or make a wall newspaper in the form of a tree with leaves, which in the course of the evening, guests can write wishes.


If the anniversary of the woman, take care of a large number of vases or containers for flowers, because, as a rule, guests come with flowers, give them immediately and flowers in beautiful vases in the corners Hallbut by themselves would be his decoration.


Book in advance comic portrait, cartoon hero of the day and hang it in front of a festive table. And just below the banner - "Happy Anniversary."


If the hero of the day several grandchildren, part of one ofDecorate the walls with children's drawings, painted specifically for the anniversary and reflect the life of his grandfather or grandmother. Many would be interesting to look at their children's eyes.

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