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How to decorate the hall for the jubilee

How to decorate the hall for the jubilee</a>

Jubilees in our life happen infrequently, and thereforeAll friends and relatives of the hero of the day are going to the celebration. I want the atmosphere on this day to be filled with respect for the birthday boy, recognition of his merits, smiles and good mood.

A bright and beautifully decorated banquet hall can help in this.



First of all, pay attention to the hobbiesThe jubilee. If he collects something, why not put the best copies of his collection under the glass and not present to the audience. If the jubilee amateur photographer - the best and favorite pictures. If writing poetry or composing music, be sure to let somewhere in HallThere are books with his works or there will be a tool for the jubilee to sing his author's song. To many colleagues and friends it will open from a new perspective.


Make an original wall newspaper for the jubilee. When registering, try to avoid the typical approach, when the photos of the hero of the day with funny signatures are pasted. Approach the design with fiction. Attach your photos, collages with flowers in your hands, and in the middle of each flower - the wishes of the hero. You can headline the newspaper "Locomotive of Life", and each trailer is a milestone with a wish. Or make a wall newspaper in the form of a tree with leaflets, on which during the evening, guests can write wishes.


If the anniversary of a woman, take care of a large number of vases or containers for flowers, because, as a rule, guests come with flowers, give them immediately and flowers in beautiful vases in the corners HallBut by themselves will be its decoration.


Order in advance a humorous portrait-cartoon of the jubilee and hang it in front of the festive table. And just below the banner - "Happy anniversary!".


If the jubilee has several grandchildren, part of one of theWalls decorate with children's drawings painted especially for the anniversary and reflecting the life of the grandfather or grandmother. Many would be interested to look at them with childish eyes.

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