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How to decorate a room for the girls

How to decorate a room for the girls

Decorating for the girls room - a very exciting experience. So many colors, accessories and themes can be used!

Pay attention to what your daughter is interested in, and use it to create a magical bedroom.



Talk to your daughter. Teenage girl certainly has its own opinion about how to be decorated her room. But the baby, which still goes to kindergarten, and can give you some ideas, suggest the main theme oformleniya.Kogda you learn preferences girlsBrowse websites and design magazinesinteriors and pick the appropriate image. Together with the hostess check their rooms and choose what you like. Remember that live in the room all the same will not you, but your daughter. Let you enjoy a romantic style, but if a girl wants to make the room "like a rock star" - gave her the right to vote.


Choose a theme. There are quite a few common themes that are often used for the decoration of the room girls. Younger girls like the princess and butterflies, older girls - animals, beautiful country and fashion. Many furniture stores in their catalogs using these threads, which greatly simplifies the selection.


Choose a color. Use bright colors at registration. Color - is a simple and inexpensive way to create an atmosphere in the room. If a complete finishing of the room you can not afford, sometimes it is enough to repaint the walls in bright colors, buy a colorful bedspread and curtains in his ton.S using colors can make the room more comfortable. The white walls and curtains visually expand the space, blue and green colors create a feeling of coolness.


Hand made. The children's room is always appropriate to look a variety of decorative elements, made with his own hands. Here are a few ideas on how to decorate a room girls1) cushions, bedspreads and curtains can be decoratedapplications of tissue-2) on the wall you can hang posters from magazines, postcards bright and beautiful color illustrations of the albums and books, photographs, drawings itself girls and more 3) walls, cabinet doors, the side surface of the bed and the table can be painted or paste over paint applications.

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